Using the 1nternet to expand the market

with the help of the 1nternet, enterprises can exchange products, services and information with each other. This e-commerce mode is being accepted by more and more Shishi shoes enterprises

in recent days, the staff of Shishi baseball player Shoes Co., Ltd. have shot and released product information for the upcoming autumn new products of the enterprise through the global shoe network, an e-commerce website dedicated to providing services for shoe enterprises. The enterprise believes that with the help of the 1nternet platform, it is conducive to the investment promotion and sales of enterprises. 1n the past, their way of brand investment promotion was to go to all parts of the country to promote sales or participate in the order meeting, which had high cost and poor timeliness. After using the 1nternet, we can use the big platform to promote and attract business, attract dealers and franchisees all over the country, and establish a dense sales network in a short time. The reporter learned that, like baseball player shoes, the use of the 1nternet to promote products and expand the market has become a common phenomenon in Shishi shoes enterprises

Author: Xiaolan, GE Hongyin

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