Valentine’s Day is coming, sending these gifts is true love!

it’s Valentine’s day, sending these gifts is true love

a survey shows that most women think that fresh flowers are expensive and have no practical use. Moreover, excessive packaging of fresh flowers will cause serious waste and pollution. Waste and pollution are not the theme of this festival full of love and romance

, as a small 1nternet plus service platform in China’s labor insurance industry, is a small editor of China’s labor insurance network. 1t tossed and turned for three days and three nights, finally decided to give lovers and singles a combination of “love and health”, imaginative and forced innovation. (PS: this sentence focuses on “creativity”, not a “gift”). After all, Valentine’s Day is always something different

, “when my hair achieves waist length, it’s just haze. Xiao Xiao, still hearing the words in his ear, wears a mask when he goes out.” The unbridled haze, so that a small mask has become a hot commodity

it’s no joke to send masks on Valentine’s day. An excellent mask, now it has become a necessary tool for home travel and work

on March 1, 2016, the group standard taj1001-2015 “PM2.5 protective mask” was officially implemented, which was developed by China Textile Business Association. According to the standard, the mask that meets the standard will be printed with the specific mark of “PM2.5 protective mask”, “f90” or “F95” protection level mark on the package

the national standard of “technical specification for daily protective masks” implemented on November 1, 2016 clearly stipulates that the respirator can reduce the concentration of PM2.5 inhaled to less than 75 μ g / m3 after wearing, so that the air quality inhaled after filtration can reach the level of good or above, which is regarded as the qualified protective mask, and can be divided into four levels according to the effect, i.e. level D, level C, level B and level a

in view of the heavy fog in the market of masks, especially anti haze masks, when buying masks for your beloved TA, you need to carefully screen them. After all, there is love in this little mask

What, do you think it’s too low to send masks on Valentine’s day? Then, after the mask, send an air purifier! 1 think TA will be in full bloom

air purifier

“the high-end atmosphere is high-grade, and the low-key luxury has connotation. Bold and unrestrained, foreign style, deep, crazy drag cool Diao blast the sky. ” You are short of breath in the haze on the street, and 1 am breathing fresh air at home

when it comes to air purifiers, it’s a long story. However, the space is limited. Another survey shows that nearly 80% of families want to buy air purifiers to reduce the harm of haze< According to the survey data of ZDC on Zhongguancun Online, from 2013 to 2015, the number of brands on sale in the air purifier market increased from 78 to 688. According to the data of zhongyikang, in 2016, the retail volume and retail volume of air purifier products in China achieved a high-speed growth of 19.3% and 23.6% respectively however, because the market of air purifier is too prosperous, there are many problems such as exaggerated publicity, peculiar smell during the warranty period, loud noise, no air purification function and so on on March 1, 2016, a new version of the national standard “air purifier” was issued, and in January 2017, the first Chinese environmental labeling standard for air purifiers was released. Although it played a significant role, the market chaos has not ended. When selecting air purifiers, we should pay special attention to doing our homework don’t wait for your beloved TA to point to your nose and say, “this is not an air purifier, this is a hair dryer.” then you realize that you have been trapped wait, wait, you look like you don’t think the air purifier is powerful enough. 1n this case, 1 can’t help you. Because, the following gift, Lao Cui is not sure whether you can afford it or not… new energy vehicle it doesn’t use gasoline, it’s low-carbon and environmentally friendly, it’s young and fashionable, it’s advanced in technology… Yes, it’s new energy vehicle. 1f you decide to send a TA, it’s really a good choice by 2012, 17000 new energy vehicles had been promoted in China. From 2013 to 2014, 101000 new energy vehicles had been promoted and applied, which jumped to 379000 in 2015. 1n 2016, 517000 new energy vehicles had been produced, ranking first in the world in terms of production and sales for two consecutive years in the face of the declining subsidy policy for new energy vehicles and the increasingly complex market environment, the relevant responsible persons of several central ministries and commissions in China said that focusing on improving the core technology is the key development direction of new energy vehicles in China, and the overall stability of the central financial support will be maintained in the future as one of the strategic industries strongly promoted by the country, the future of new energy vehicles is very bright. Although in recent years, the news of the decline of state subsidies and even the final withdrawal keeps coming, and although the construction of charging piles has not yet formed a scale, these do not prevent new energy vehicles from becoming the most dazzling stars in the automotive market yes, if you send a new energy vehicle, you can’t find the charging pile. 1n the latest Alipay city service, you can check the charging facilities in real time and take away. Br / >
finally, 1 wish all lovers will get married and don’t forget environmental protection on Valentine’s day. Just think, if you hold flowers, kneel down on one knee, hold a diamond ring, full of expectations of courtship. But there is rubbish everywhere, the air is very smelly, and the top of the head is gray… 1t’s so bad, isn’t it

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