Vietnam develops strategic plan for shoe material industry

according to relevant media reports, at present, only 30 enterprises in Vietnam, including 5 foreign-funded enterprises, produce leather and shoe materials for the shoemaking industry, meeting only 30% of the domestic market demand

recently, the township government of Vietnam leather association submitted a strategic plan for the development of shoe material industry. The plan proposes that Vietnam will focus on the development of shoe material industry from now to 2020, and puts forward the development plan for 2015

according to Nguyen Duc Thuan, chairman of Vietnam leather and leather shoes Association, Vietnam will end its dependence on shoe materials, technology and subcontracting. According to the plan, by 2015, the footwear industry will earn US $8.5 billion from the export of footwear, and by 2020, the localization rate of footwear will increase from 50% to 65-75%, and its output value will reach US $11 billion

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