Vietnam’s footwear industry has a bright future

in the footwear industry, export has always been one of the main incomes of Vietnam’s economy. Recently, according to Vietnam’s “material price market news”, the Vietnam footwear association said that this year Vietnam’s footwear export situation is good, and the export volume may reach 5.4 billion US dollars. At present, Vietnam’s footwear export ranks fifth in the world, but Vietnam’s footwear industry mainly relies on processing, and raw materials, technology and capital depend on foreign countries. To this end, the Vietnam footwear association has submitted to the government a new strategy for the development of Vietnam’s footwear industry by 2020, and put forward suggestions and measures for the development of domestic auxiliary industries and raw and auxiliary materials

accordingly, by 2015, Vietnam’s footwear export will reach US $8.5 billion, and the localization rate will increase from 50% to 60-70%; Exports will reach US $11 billion by 2020

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