Voice for workers: please respect every sanitation worker

Sanitation workers are a beautiful landscape in the city. Every street you pass on your way to work and the garbage you throw away when you leave the community are permeated with the sweat of sanitation workers. They go out early and come back late, for the sake of cleaning the city, no matter in winter or in summer

however, in recent years, such as “the cleaning car nearly hit the dog, the sanitation worker was beaten with blood”, “cold heart! The 59 year old sanitation worker was beaten to the ground and couldn’t get up, Xuchang 60 year old sanitation worker was beaten because he didn’t let the hotel take out the garbage on the street, and other news filled our eardrums. The civilization of a city is the ultimate embodiment of everyone’s quality. The frequent incidents of treating sanitation workers in this way make people shudder

there is no distinction between the noble and the humble in labor. People just have different types of work. They all rely on their hands to make a living. There is no difference. 1n our daily life, we often see people avoid sanitation workers and even speak ill of each other. We hope that whether we sympathize with them or denounce them with anger, we will provide more substantial protection for sanitation workers. 1n recent years, the salary of sanitation workers, or the protection of rights and interests, including the social attention to sanitation workers have been significantly improved. The awkwardness reflected in reality shows that the immediate care and protection are far from enough

today’s news “what do you think of Jilin sanitation workers’ tooling printing andrology Department advertisement” attracted our attention. A hospital provided tooling for sanitation workers, and printed the hospital’s advertisement on the tooling grandly. No matter what the influence of this advertisement is, just from the word respect, The hospital, including the unit where the sanitation workers work, failed to do so

some time ago, we reported the news of “environmental sanitation vest with civilized slogans specially made for environmental sanitation workers in Supo street of Chengdu”. This environmental management company specially made environmental sanitation vest with civilized slogans for environmental sanitation workers to remind the public that “everyone is responsible for protecting the environment”. These individual slogans have attracted the attention of the public. Many citizens said with a smile: “seeing such slogans, we are embarrassed to litter.”

this is the respect for sanitation workers. While warming their bodies, it also uses a unique form of expression to shorten the distance between people. 1t also allows us to understand more about the work of sanitation workers. Urban civilization depends on everyone’s joint construction. No one can leave

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