Vulcanized shoes technical standard has entered the formal drafting stage

vulcanized shoes are named for their unique way of making, that is, taking rubber, fabric or leather as the upper and rubber as the sole, processing and molding by pasting, molding or injecting rubber, vulcanizing under a certain temperature and pressure, giving the upper and sole high strength and high elasticity, and firmly combining the two. As a high-end “blue ocean” market, vulcanized shoes have been paid close attention by many shoe enterprises in recent years. But at present, there is no authoritative standard in the vulcanized shoes industry in China” This makes the product controversial, sometimes quality problems, because there is no standard, it is not easy to identify the responsibility Lai Jun, marketing director of siweiqi, told reporters

based on this, several domestic brand shoe enterprises, such as Anta, Baoda, Huili and Shuangxing, recently launched the technical standard for vulcanized shoes industry. 1t is understood that this standard has officially entered the drafting stage

“at present, Converse canvas shoes are the representative of vulcanized shoes in China. 1f our local enterprises can make the standard first, it means that they have the opportunity to grasp the advantageous resources of the industry and further expand their advantages in the vulcanized shoes industry.” Shi Chunming, deputy general manager of Baoda (China) Co., Ltd., said

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