Wang Baili announced her delisting! The 80 year old man who was “driven to the end by Ma Yun” cashed out 10 billion and sold the enterprise

For Chinese girls, if they buy Women’s shoes for a long time, most of them will buy Belle and its brands. No wonder Sheng Baijiao, chief executive officer and executive director of Belle 1nternational, once said boldly: wherever a woman passes by, there should be belle

then, what led to the delisting of Belle 1nternational? The reason is crazy offline expansion and online shortage, because the offline market is saturated, the supply is surplus; Coupled with the rise of e-commerce, the unfavorable transformation of belle e-commerce and other factors, the former king finally declined

as early as the end of April, Belle 1nternational announced that it had received the notice of privatization, the price of privatization planned by the offeror was HK $6.3 per share, and the total valuation of the company was HK $53.1 billion. Compared with the peak market value of HK $150 billion, the market value has shrunk by nearly 2 / 3

finally, Belle 1nternational, China’s largest shoe company, completed its privatization on July 27

the two founders of belle, chairman Deng Yao and CEO Sheng Baijiao, did not participate in the acquisition and announced the sale of all Belle shares

some people in the industry commented that the end of “shoe king” means that the era of department stores as the core is officially over! The success of belle is due to the prosperity of department stores, and the failure of belle is also due to the infinite persistence of department stores; 1n the face of the arrival of e-commerce, Belle did not care at all. When it was really aware of the impact, it was too late

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