Wang Guifen: small hands realize the entrepreneurial dream

Wang Guifen, 40 years old, from group 17, Huandi village, Fengli town. The small glove dipping factory she founded not only solved the employment problem of more than 10 local middle-aged and elderly women, but also realized her dream of starting a business for many years

as a young woman, Wang Guifen had no skills and her family was in financial difficulties. She chose to go out to work and changed many jobs, but she didn’t take root for a long time, because she had a dream of starting her own business. 1n 2012, she saw that the pig market was relatively good, so she went home and built 10 standard pig houses, ready to start a business as a “swineherd”. The father who has raised pigs for many years thinks that the market of live pigs is unstable and the breeding risk is high, which is not the preferred industry for entrepreneurship. Looking at the finished pigsty, she hesitated and inquired about the information of entrepreneurial projects. After several months of efforts, a friend who runs a glove factory wants to build a new automatic glove dipping line, and the manual production line needs to be transferred. Wang Guifen, who has worked in the glove factory, thinks that this is an excellent opportunity. She immediately comes to the door to contact her about the transfer. Her friend transfers the equipment to her at the price of 60000 yuan, and she starts her own glove factory

without funds, he borrowed from relatives and friends, and without factories, he used pig houses for pig raising. The houses were not enough, so his father’s pig house was also “expropriated”. After two months of preparation and investment of 400000 yuan, Wang Guifen’s glove factory finally started. With his own factory, Wang Guifen worked for the factory day and night, running around during the day, pulling orders, looking for workers at night, and training workers’ skills. More than 10 rural women aged 50-60 have the spirit of hardship, but their ability of acceptance is poor, so they teach hand in hand until the church. After three months of hard work, the factory was on the right track. Wang Guifen didn’t relax. She also paid attention to the quality of the products. She used the relationship of her former friends to invite experienced masters to give technical guidance to the workers. After several rounds of training, the quality of the products was greatly improved and won the trust of the partners. With more and more orders, the business was booming

there is no end to entrepreneurship. After several years of production, the production line transferred by the original friend is aging, which affects the product quality and output. 1n July this year, Wang Guifen invested 100000 yuan to update the production line, which met the requirements of customers for output and quality. When it comes to future plans, Wang Guifen is full of confidence and is ready to go on a new production line to shift from processing with supplied materials to order supply, increase drying equipment and solve the situation of relying on weather for production. On the hard road of entrepreneurship, Wang Guifen enjoys the happiness of entrepreneurship. Although the scale of her factory is still very small, she believes that the factory will become bigger and bigger, and the road will become wider and wider

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