Wang juezhen, the old master of oil

“Master Wang, 1’d like to trouble you to come early tomorrow morning to check the ruler and hand in the oil on the 106 tank.” On the evening of April 20, Zhang Feng, an employee of central control post in Kuqa terminal station of oil transportation team of oil and gas transportation and marketing department of Northwest Oilfield Branch, told Wang Jianping, an employee, by telephone” No trouble. That’s my job in itself. 1’ll be there on time by 9 o’clock tomorrow morning. ” At the other end of the line, Wang Jianping responded with a hoarse voice

in Xinjiang, the normal working time in the morning of April is at 10 o’clock. From 3:00 to 6:00 in the morning of the first day, Wang Jianping, 51, had just been on a night shift. 1n the afternoon of that day, he had just finished checking the ruler for two large cans. 1n the afternoon, shortly after returning to his residence from work, the staff of the central control post on duty called him

although he was a little tired, he didn’t even have breakfast in the early morning. Wang Jianping, who was not tall and his hair had turned white, came to work at Kuche terminal station. At this time, a can of crude oil is waiting for him to check the ruler and send it to refining and chemical users. The busy and orderly work of the day begins again. Wang Jianping took out the “handover record form of large tank gauge temperature measurement” and “crude oil export metering table of Kuche terminal station of oil transportation and marketing department of oil and gas transportation” and prepared them. These are the original credentials that must be carefully filled in after working every day. After that, he took out the positive pressure respirator and safety helmet and began to check carefully

Wang Jianping has a habit that he doesn’t care about his work. After the oil testing personnel and the user’s handover personnel came, he quickly put on the respirator, took the dipstick and thermometer and climbed down the ladder to the top of the tank more than ten meters high. When he got to the middle of the jar, he stopped to have a rest. Maybe he didn’t have a good rest. Others advised him not to worry, but he knew that if he didn’t finish the work quickly, the oil delivery would be delayed. At the top of the tank, lower the oil dipstick, determine the height of the oil dipstick, record the data, measure the temperature at different depths of the oil level of the tank for five times, and confirm with the user’s handover personnel. After that, he carefully wiped the dipstick clean. After the oil testing personnel took the oil sample according to the regulations, he went down the tank with everyone and took off the respirator. By this time, he was sweating

after removing the respirator, he went straight to the laboratory with the “handover record of temperature measurement by measuring ruler of large tank” and “crude oil export metering table of Kuche terminal station of oil transportation and marketing department of oil and gas transportation” to calculate the crude oil level while waiting for the test results. At this time, the central control of Kuqa terminal station is also carrying out synchronous calculation. After the water content of crude oil and the standard density of oil sample come out, the actual weight of crude oil is calculated and verified with the central control post for 2 to 3 times. Then, according to the calculation results, the delivery certificate of crude oil tank measurement of oil and gas transportation and marketing department of Sinopec Northwest Oilfield Branch is issued. After signing and confirming, more than an hour has passed, and the next tank of crude oil is waiting for him to check

at the end of the day, Wang Jianping, who is affectionately known as “Master Wang” by colleagues, has to climb up and down the big pot at least 12 times on average, and he will come in the middle of the night if he is alive. Don’t underestimate this work. An average of 15000 tons of crude oil is transported from here to users every day, and the benefits are reflected in every specific link. There should be no error in the measurement of the height of the ruler, the oil temperature, the moisture content and the standard density. 1n Wang Jianping’s words: even one kilogram of oil can’t be wrong. Therefore, he also has a famous nickname – Wang juezhen

Wang Jianping, who has been working in the oilfield for more than 30 years, is a man who pays more attention to practical work than to fame. He does his work well every day, and does his heart and responsibility well. Even if he is not satisfied or wronged, this is a true portrayal of Wang Jianping and every oilfield veteran who has been rooted and dedicated in the oilfield for decades

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