Wang Liangji, Secretary General of Zhejiang protective equipment industry association, and industry experts visited China labor insurance network for investigation and exchange

on May 23, 2019, Wang Liangji, Secretary General of Zhejiang safety and health protection articles industry association, and Zhang Yuanhu, full-time expert of safety and health committee expert committee of China Textile Association, visited China labor insurance website for investigation and exchange, and had a discussion with relevant responsible persons of the website. Wang xiuhai, general manager of China labor insurance network, introduced the development history and service advantages of the website

Wang xiuhai, general manager, said: “this year is the 16th anniversary of the establishment of China labor insurance network. Over the past decade, we have gradually developed from the original information platform to today’s industry portal, which is based on brand promotion and provides comprehensive brand planning, design and production, promotion and other services for the majority of manufacturers, and has received strong support and help from enterprises and industry associations in the industry. We will continue to build a professional and dedicated service team, unite with domestic well-known media platforms, maximize service resources, stick to our original intention, and make continuous efforts to promote the progress of the industry! “< After listening to the introduction, Wang Liangji, Secretary General of Zhejiang safety and health protection products industry association, said: "as an industry platform, China labor insurance network has actively participated in various industry activities, had in-depth face-to-face exchanges with enterprises, and learned modestly from professional institutions such as testing centers. After several years of development, it has become one of the excellent mainstream promotion platforms in the industry, 1t has been recognized and recommended by famous enterprises in the industry. " Zhang Yuanhu, a full-time expert of the expert committee of the safety and Health Committee of China Textile Association, said: “during this visit, we have a more comprehensive understanding of China labor insurance network, and we encourage what China labor insurance network is doing and what it will do in the future. China’s labor protection products industry started late and lacks professional written records. Through in-depth exchanges with enterprises, China labor protection network will introduce the development of enterprises as a breakthrough point and sort out the development of the industry, which is beneficial to the future. Finally, Zhang Gong pointed out that China labor insurance network now has a certain influence. He hoped that under the leadership of general manager Wang, the team of China labor insurance network could deeply learn professional knowledge and give greater help to the development of enterprises at the professional level. “ original statement: This article is an original article edited by China labor insurance. This website enjoys exclusive copyright. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source website and author

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