Wang xiuhai, general manager of labor protection net, visited Taizhou Huaguang weaving factory

on March 10, 2018, Wang xiuhai, general manager of labor insurance network, visited Taizhou Huaguang weaving factory, accompanied by factory director Xu Yueping< Taizhou Huaguang weaving factory was founded in 1979, covering an area of nearly 10000 square meters and a building area of 6628 square meters. 1t has nearly 200 sets of various mechanical equipment and complete physical machinery testing equipment. 1t has passed the inspection of the national labor protection testing center and the power industry power safety equipment quality supervision testing center, Through 1SO9001-2009 international quality management system certification, product quality by DuPont Property 1nsurance Co., Ltd. underwriting, is a professional engaged in the production and operation of safety equipment enterprises

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