Wang Yujun, Secretary of Linyi Municipal Party committee, made an investigation in xinminghui

On the morning of September 27, Wang Yujun, Secretary of Linyi Municipal Party committee, led the leading comrades of the city’s Mall Management Committee, the city’s development and Reform Commission, the city’s State Taxation Bureau, the city’s Finance Bureau, the city’s Transportation Bureau, the city’s Commerce Bureau, the city’s Planning Bureau, the city’s local railway bureau, the city’s land and Resources Bureau, the city’s port logistics office and the Lanshan district Party committee and government to visit xinminghui

as soon as he got out of the car, Secretary Wang went straight to xinminghui warehouse center and agreed with xinminghui’s practices in warehouse modernization construction, warehouse management and future planning. 1n xinminghui data center, Secretary Wang highly praised xinminghui’s innovative practices in company management, system research and development, mode optimization, etc., and arranged the mall management committee and Lanshan District Committee to give high attention and key support to xinminghui’s next development

in the customer service center, Secretary Wang visited the 3M new product booth, inquired about the product function and business development, and praised xinminghui’s practice in talent introduction and talent cultivation. 1n xinminghui logistics center, Secretary Wang carefully understood the logistics delivery and supply chain relationship handling practices. After more than an hour of research activities, Secretary Wang has a new understanding and a more comprehensive understanding of xinminghui and the labor protection products industry, and points out that xinminghui should focus on the whole supply chain and seamless connection, strive to build a vertical e-commerce platform with the characteristics of Linyi mall, and realize rapid development

during the forum, general manager Li Hui put forward his views on the intelligent storage construction, logistics specification, talent introduction, integrity system construction of Linyi mall in combination with the company’s own situation, which was highly recognized by Secretary Wang

after several years of rapid development, xinminghui mall has grown into the largest e-commerce enterprise in China’s labor protection products industry and won the title of national e-commerce demonstration enterprise. 1n the next few years, the company will take advantage of the advantages of Linyi mall, maintain high-speed growth, and make greater contributions to the development of Linyi mall and the standardization of labor protection products industry

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