Warning education should pay attention to “one look, two lectures and three checks”

1n the activities of safety production month, safety warning education has become a fixed form, and is favored by everyone. However, in the specific work, the author also found that some departments and enterprise activities still exist formalism, put a video, do a display board or hold a meeting, even if the safety warning education is carried out. The organization is not tight, the pertinence is not strong, the effect is not obvious. There are “three Taboos” in carrying out safety warning education activities, one is empty theoretical preaching; Second, “story meeting” of accident cases; Three Taboos “big pot rice” of education object

therefore, first, the content of warning education should be corresponding to the object of education. No matter what form is adopted, the object of warning education should be selected and determined according to the accident case. First of all, industry areas should not be confused. 1f the textile workers are allowed to see the construction accidents, the effect can be imagined; Secondly, the types of work should be differentiated. 1f the welders are allowed to see the illegal behaviors of textile workers, the education is certainly not profound; Furthermore, workers and students, adults and children must be treated differently. The safety of schools and enterprises, and the thinking of adults and children are very different. Only with pertinence can we achieve the organic unity of inspiration and interest. Second, the content of warning education should correspond with the time of education. 1n addition to accidents in special regions, specific industries and extra large production safety accidents, for typical accident cases with universal educational significance, education must be carried out according to the time of the accident, that is to say, accidents in summer should be said in summer. 1f the education can be refined to the month, the education will be more timely and targeted, and the effect will be more obvious

in recent years, the form of “one look, two lectures and three checks” has been adopted in some areas and units to make the warning education activities more characteristic and effective. First, organize to watch the warning films of typical cases of production safety accidents, and use the lessons of blood to enhance people’s safety awareness and sense of crisis; Second, let the accident experience or violators come up with their own experiences, talk about the feelings of the accident and the violation, analyze the root causes of the accident or violation, and learn from them; The third investigation is to find out the hidden danger of accidents and violation of regulations according to the actual situation, and improve the safety awareness and prevention ability

the author thinks that to carry out safety warning education activities, we should not only make the educated feel personally, but also promote the educated to think about the root causes of accidents or violations, learn from them, improve their safety awareness and regulate their own behavior

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