warning film of “9.15” high altitude falling accident in Lanzhou

On September 15, 2017, an electric hanging basket falling accident occurred in a university under construction in Lanzhou, causing two deaths and a direct economic loss of 1.6 million yuan

Animation restoration accident process:

at about 17:35 on September 15, it was in a hanging basket at the connecting platform between the east side of the main building and the north side tower

when Meng and Du wanted to use external force to move the whole hanging basket horizontally to the right, the right side of the suspension platform suddenly tilted and fell, the brake device of the right hoist failed, and the self-locking protection device of the safety lock failed, resulting in the right working wire rope being pulled out of the hoist, and the right side of the platform completely fell off under the action of gravity, Under the protection of the brake device of the left hoist, the whole suspension platform was vertically suspended at the outer wall of the fifth floor on the east side of the main building. Because Meng and Du didn’t wear the safety rope correctly, they fell directly from the basket to the ground and died after rescue< After the accident, the accident investigation team analyzed and identified that it was a responsibility accident caused by lax equipment management of the construction company and chaotic safety management of the construction site< Third, Meng and Du, who are directly responsible for the accident, paid their lives for illegal operation during the construction process. in this accident, 15 people were investigated for responsibility. Among them, 3 were dismissed from their posts, 3 were dismissed from the labor contract, 2 were fined 30% of their annual income, 1 was demoted, 1 was transferred from the work unit, 3 were admonished, 1 was punished with demerit and 1 was warned in dealing with the unit responsible for the accident, the safety supervision department shall impose a fine of 350000 yuan on Hubei Lingzhi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 109 of the work safety law of the people’s Republic of China< This is a typical falling accident caused by high-altitude illegal operation in construction field. 1n recent years, among the "three major injuries" (falling from height, collapse and object strike) in construction, falling from height has the highest incidence and great danger. More than 50% or even higher construction accidents in construction sites are caused by falling from height. Falling accidents have become the first killer of the construction industry. 1n addition, it also involves electric power, outdoor advertising, outdoor cleaning, loading and unloading, high installation and maintenance of equipment and facilities and other industries and fields. High altitude operation is of great danger, wide range and large quantity, which can not be prevented. Once it happens, it will be either death or injury, and directly endanger the production safety and public safety. The enterprise must strengthen the consciousness of responsibility, legal system and safety management. Strengthen the safety management, and implement the rules and regulations of the enterprise, the responsibility system of each post, and the operating procedures of each type of work. Strengthen the training and education of labor service personnel, improve the safety awareness of labor service personnel, and standardize operation. Adhere to the requirements of "three management and three must" and draw inferences from one instance. The industry regulatory authorities should also strengthen professional supervision, jointly manage and perform their duties, so as to ensure good driving and navigation for economic and social development(Source: Gansu TV public channel)

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