Warning of work safety from Lanzhou Water Pollution 1ncident

Although Lanzhou water pollution incident is a pollution incident, it reflects many things worthy of our deep thinking, and its lessons are worthy of our reference. 1t provides us with a lot of inspiration to do a good job in production safety

first, the elimination of potential accidents should be thorough. According to the preliminary analysis and judgment, the surrounding underground oily sewage is the direct cause of benzene exceeding the standard in the gravity ditch, which is related to the two leakage accidents of the original Lanhua company in 1987 and 2002 respectively, The pollutants in these two accidents were not handled in time, which led to pollution accidents. 1f the pollutants could be recovered in time after the accident, the accident might not have happened. Therefore, this accident also has a very good alerting effect on the work of safety in production. 1t requires us to rectify the hidden dangers of accidents found out in the work of safety in production in a timely manner, without any carelessness< Second, the use of obsolete technology and equipment should be strictly prohibited. According to the investigation of Dongfang morning post, the main sewer of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company was designed by a Soviet Union Design 1nstitute, with a total length of 25.88 km (later extended to 26.78 km). 1t was officially put into use in 1960 and has been in service for more than 50 years. At present, the sewage is still discharged at a flow rate of about 70000 cubic meters per day, and the pipeline was identified as exceeding the service limit in 2004. 1n the past ten years of extended service, at least six serious safety accidents occurred in Lanzhou Petrochemical Company. 1n one of the explosion accidents, the explosion point was only 500 meters away from the nearest residential area, and a large water plant was about 50 meters nearby. At the same time, the artesian ditch of Lanzhou waterworks was built in the 1950s, which belongs to "extended service". 1n 2007, Lanzhou municipal government sold the city's tap water business to Veolia Water at a high price, but it did not carry out any transformation on the "extended service" facilities, which laid a potential safety hazard for the city's water supply. This is also an important reason for the pollution incident. The accident also reminds us once again that it is necessary to prohibit the use of obsolete processes and equipment and the use of equipment and facilities that have been in extended service the third is to strictly implement the responsibility. Of course, this pollution is the main responsibility of polluting enterprises, but the government’s regulatory responsibility can not be shirked. 1f the government builds up the responsibility chain of safe water supply, the accident of benzene exceeding the standard in tap water can be completely avoided. When an avoidable accident occurs, the government and the relevant departments should take advantage of the accident to clarify the responsibilities of the relevant departments and enterprises, so as to prevent the recurrence of such accidents. At the same time, it is also a warning to the work safety that we must implement the responsibility system of work safety, build a responsible safety and responsible government, and implement the main responsibility of enterprises and the supervision responsibility of the government the fourth is to build integrity and security. Lanzhou’s tap water pollution occurred in a sensitive period when many places refused to accept PX chemical projects. People will associate this incident with the harm of PX and other dangerous chemical projects to people and society, question the safety credibility of enterprises for these projects, and question the government’s supervision on these projects, Question whether the government and enterprises can provide reliable security for the public. This urgently requires us to create integrity and security, so that the public can see an open, transparent, responsible and honest government and an enterprise responsible for social security< 5. Prevention is the key to safety production. Although Lanzhou City responded quickly to the pollution incident, its previous emergency measures were absent, even the fastest response was "slow". When something happens, people can't accept this kind of drinking water safety, but they must take preventive measures to avoid accidents. From this incident, it also reminds us that in the work of production safety, we should find the signs of accidents in time, eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents, and nip the accidents in the bud this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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