washing safety helmet with boiling water workers at Xiamen Haitian wharf work under high temperature

Haitian wharf workers work under high temperature

yesterday, towards noon, Xiamen Haitian wharf was opened. Wang Xiaodong, who had just finished directing the operation of a ship, was washing the safety helmet with boiling hot water, and then he washed it again with cold water. Seeing that the reporter was a little puzzled, Wang Xiaodong said: “at this time, the sun is too strong. When you stay at the front of the wharf for a while, your helmet and clothes will be soaked with sweat. Washing them with boiling water is to sterilize your helmet; And after washing with cold water, put it in the sun for more than ten minutes and it will dry again. “

Wang Xiaodong, who has just turned 50 years old, is currently a work class instructor of Haitian branch of Xiamen container terminal group. He has been working as a work class instructor for nearly 14 years in the terminal for more than 30 years. He is an experienced old dock man

every time we drive or take a car to pass the Haicang Bridge and look at the bottom of the bridge, we can always see a group of wharf workers working hard. However, due to the lack of close contact, the first impression of many dock workers is a little mysterious

“although we are responsible for many trivial work at the wharf front, we also need to be familiar with the wharf cargo handling process.” Wang Xiaodong told reporters that the day before the cargo loading and unloading, they will receive the work schedule in advance, “two hours before the cargo ship is about to dock, we will enter the working state. For example, monitoring large machinery and equipment, safety management of wharf front, evacuating surrounding ships, assisting the safe berthing and disembarkation of cargo ships, communicating with ship owners to sign documents, and timely handling of operational problems. Usually a cargo ship is equipped with an instructor, but in the case of tight personnel, one person has to be responsible for two cargo ships. At the busiest time, one person has to be responsible for five or six cargo ships a day. “

the relevant person in charge of Xiamen container terminal group told the reporter that the work items of the work class instructor are many and trivial, but they need high coordination ability and familiar with the working process of the terminal, and they also need people who have certain work experience in the front of the terminal

according to the introduction, 365 days a year, regardless of the wind and sun, day and night, dock workers should stick to the front line” We have four classes with four or five people in each class. We work in a shift system. When we are busy, we will be very busy. When there is no cargo ship, we have to stand by at the sentry box. Generally, the end of the year and after the typhoon are the busiest periods of the year. The hardest time is summer and heavy rain. 1t’s too hot in summer and there’s no shelter at the dock front. ” Wang Xiaodong said

while following Wang Xiaodong’s steps, the reporter watched him guide the ship operation. After a while, the reporter found that his arm and instep had been red. At this time, Wang Xiaodong was standing on the shore with his walkie talkie sweating, coordinating the loading and unloading work of the freighter. So, in the scorching sun, do dock workers have any sun protection tips? 1n the face of the reporter’s question, Wang Xiaodong said with a smile, “no matter how good the sunscreen is, it won’t work in the dock. 1 think outdoor workers should drink more water to prevent sunscreen and heatstroke. 1 drink more than one liter of water every day. 1n order to prevent heatstroke, 1 just went to scraping a few days ago. 1n this kind of weather, you have to sweat your clothes at least five or six times a day, and your helmet and shoes are often soaked through. “

it was noon, and many dock workers took off their sweaty coats and came to the sentry box to have a drink. Wang Xiaodong told reporters that the sentry box where they rest can still feel a little cool now, but it will be very muggy by about 5 p.m. and they can’t stay at all” But now the working environment is much better than before. Water has been spilled from the roof of the sentry box since 9 a.m., and the company will provide a lot of herbal tea every day. When there is no ship operation, we will stay at the sentry box on standby. ” Wang Xiaodong said(Haixi Morning Post reporter Ding Yuanyuan)

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