Washing tips of assault suit

Step 1: fully soak

with 37 degrees (why 37 degrees? Because 37 ℃ is the highest temperature of enzyme activity), soak the clothes in warm water for about 20 minutes. Note: neutral detergent should be added to the water. 1f there is no neutral detergent, shampoo can be used instead. But do not use ordinary washing powder, because ordinary washing powder is a highly alkaline material, for the special line material such as assault suit, the damage is particularly large, so it must not be used. After putting the suit into the water, gently rub it with your hand to make it fully soaked

the second step: cleaning

when cleaning, it is also the first step to add neutral detergent to the dirty parts, and then gently scrub the dirty parts with a towel or a soft brush, and then put the power suit into the water to gently press and scrub, so that all parts of the clothes can be cleaned. Here we should pay attention to the following: do not use too much force when using a soft brush or towel to scrub the cuff, neckline and other parts, and do not use too much force when hand rubbing the clothes. 1f the force is too large, it is easy to wash off the pressing glue of the assault suit; No matter what kind of grade of the garment, the principle of production is similar, cleaning must be in accordance with the special material of the garment to special treatment

Step 3: air drying

after washing, do not wring it out, hang it directly on the balcony to let it dry naturally, and remember not to dry it with washing machine

finally, 1 would like to add that: it should not be washed frequently, because as an outdoor sports equipment, the special material used in the clothing has the function of waterproof and anti dirty. However, if you are going to place the clothes for a long time, you must clean them, because the waterproof and breathable performance of the clothes mainly comes from a layer of waterproof and breathable film in the cloth, which is loose and porous. 1t can not only isolate water droplets, but also allow the gas to pass through freely. However, when the clothes are stained with soil or oil, the waterproof and breathable film can not only isolate water droplets, but also allow the gas to pass through freely, These dirty things will block the gap of the waterproof and breathable film and reduce the air permeability of the assault suit; On the other hand, the acid contained in the oil or rain is corrosive, which will accelerate the aging of the cloth. 1f it is not cleaned for a long time, the service life of the clothes will be reduced. Therefore, when the Stormtrooper is dirty or ready to wear for a long time, it should be cleaned

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