Waste plastic bottles support textile industry chain

What can you do with a drink bottle? 1f you throw it away, the trash can will be its final destination. However, in Fengxin County of Jiangxi Province, plastic recycling is not as simple as “turning waste into treasure”. A small piece of waste plastic supports the first production line of the textile industry chain in Fengxin 1ndustrial Park

“the dump is actually a mine, which contains rich” urban mineral resources “. 80% of the wastes in our daily life can be recycled. Those non degradable domestic wastes can also become textile raw materials for people through intelligent cleaning, wire drawing and other processes. ” Shuai Qiming, deputy general manager of Jiangxi siyuanxiang Recycling Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters about the “big” use of “small” garbage in daily life

“China’s emerging textile industry base” and “China’s textile industry transfer pilot park” – Fengxin 1ndustrial Park seizes the new opportunities of economic transformation and development, creates a new industrial upgrading version, speeds up the introduction and absorption of new technologies and new processes, and strives to transform traditional industries, presenting a magnificent transformation of development and upgrading

vigorously developing circular economy is an important driving force for the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry in Fengxin County. Fengxin 1ndustrial Park, with 16 Textile Enterprises above Designated Size, is the largest textile industrial base with the latest equipment and the fastest development speed in Jiangxi Province. 1t has the only waste polyester recycling enterprise siyuanxiang in Jiangxi Province. As the first waste polyester recycling and comprehensive utilization project in the county, siyuanxiang has set up four waste polyester purchasing sites in Nanchang, with an annual recovery of 88000 tons of waste polyester and an annual output of 60000 tons of recycled spun polyester fiber, becoming the fifth in China, the first in East China and the only production base of recycled polyester chemical fiber in Jiangxi Province

when the reporter walked into the workshop, tons of discarded beverage bottles piled up like a mountain. The enterprise uses the most advanced automatic and intelligent equipment to clean it, roll it to the granular shape, and then color and draw it according to the customer’s demand to make high-grade textile raw materials with high purity and good effect. 1t is hard for people to imagine that the originally dirty “garbage dump” has turned into white polyester fiber

however, the big benefits of prying this small plastic bottle are far more than that. As a chain Mending Project of the park industry, recycled polyester products are used as raw materials for textile projects and supplied to the middle and downstream enterprises for production. Within the park, a complete industrial chain of textile raw materials spinning weaving printing and dyeing is formed

many textile enterprises choose to settle down in Fengxin, which is precisely because of the complete industrial integration advantages of Fengxin 1ndustrial Park. As one of the six traditional industries, textile industry is called “sunset industry” by the outside world, but it is a necessary link to meet the rigid demand of people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation. Xiao Chongsheng, an engineer of Jiangxi Baofeng Knitting Co., Ltd., who is at the end of the textile industry chain in the park, told the reporter that because the industrial chain in the park is relatively complete, 80% – 90% of the upstream and midstream raw materials needed by enterprises for production come from enterprises in the same zone. Upstream mills directly supply spinning, only this link will reduce costs by 5%, logistics and sales costs are greatly reduced

the large-scale textile industry, advanced production technology and equipment, and high-end product positioning are also the characteristic advantages of Fengxin County in building a new textile industry, expanding the scale, extending the chain, and upgrading. By 2015, the park will strive to make 27 textile enterprises, 300000 tons of front-end raw materials2.5 million spindles of spinning capacity, 40000 tons of weaving capacity, 50000 tons of dyeing capacity, and introduce 1-2 large home textile and clothing enterprises to further improve the Fengxin textile industry system and extend the industrial chain, Strive to build “China’s famous cotton textile city”

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