Watching the mystery of welding

remember when 1 was a child, 1 was surrounded by a group of friends to see the dazzling welding light. 1t was really magical. Although the sound was harsh, the colorful light remained in my impression, and the glasses were dry and painful. Now 1 know why the workers don’t look at the light, but cover their faces with masks or protective glasses. The following China labor insurance network small make up for you to explain, left in the hearts of small partners for a long time

when watching the electric welding light, the eyes ache, like a knife cutting, shed tears, can’t open their eyes, especially at night, the pain is severe, which is called electro-optic ophthalmia in medicine. 1t is because the arc light emitted by electric welding has high heat and brightness, which will cause damage to the cell tissue on the surface of the eyeball, and the epidermal cells will fall off. Real welders need training and education before they work. They all have protective glasses, welding masks and know how to protect them. Xiao Bian asked the doctor and learned that most of the people who got ophthalmitis were assistants or bystanders, especially children who loved to watch

Xiao Bian summarized several folk prescriptions for you. You can try them for your partner of electro-optic ophthalmia:

after the occurrence of electro-optic ophthalmia, the patient will go to the emergency department of the hospital because of the pain. Doctors often give some anesthetics to relieve pain. 1t’s only a temporary expedient. As long as we find this situation, we should quickly find a lactating lesbian, squeeze out some human milk and drip it into the eyes. The symptoms will soon disappear. Human milk can also play the role of protective film to help the epidermal cells in the eyes grow better

when welding workers are working, they should wear protective glasses or welding mask to prevent sand and foreign matters from entering the eyes and causing injury. Bystanders should not damage their eyes for the sake of watching without protection

[Chen Jia, responsible editor of China Labor 1nsurance Website]

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