Waterproof and breathable shoemaking technology of Hengda shoes won the science and Technology Progress Award

recently, the national patent achievement “waterproof and breathable shoe making technology” developed by Hengda Group Company was awarded the “second prize of Shandong science and technology progress” by Shandong Provincial People’s government, which once again witnessed the strong strength of the enterprise in technological innovation

in a survey of consumers, Hengda shoes company found that 69.3% of consumers want to have a pair of shoes that are breathable, waterproof and have good anti-skid performance; At present, the domestic and foreign shoe products have the defects of water-proof, air permeability and poor anti-skid performance. 1n order to meet the needs of consumers, Hengda Group Company has set up a special project to develop waterproof and breathable shoe-making technology

the waterproof and breathable technology integrates many technologies, such as space stitching technology, point glue hot-melt composite technology, vacuum sulfur setting technology, etc. the waterproof and moisture permeability index is up to 3500, which is far higher than the international 3000 index. Even if the vamp has seams, there will be no water permeability problem. The product can achieve – 20 degree twists and turns without breaking for 40000 times, which is far higher than the international target of 20000 times, greatly enhancing the firmness and comfort of the product, filling the market gap, and improving the added value of the product. 1n addition, the thermoplastic membrane used in this technology can be recycled, buried and decomposed freely, without environmental pollution, achieving both social and economic benefits

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