Waterproof rechargeable shoes invented by a student in 1ndia

the idea of charging a mobile phone while walking is not new now, but one 1ndian student went a step further and launched waterproof charging shoes

the small 1ndian town of nineto is located at the foot of the Himalayas. Heavy snow has cut off electricity all the year round. 1t’s a common practice for the whole town, so Rajesh Adhikari, a 12th grader, invented such shoes. When a person’s foot is off the ground, the built-in spring release drives the small generator to rotate, which generates electricity to power the mobile phone

many rechargeable shoes use piezoelectric technology, but it is obviously not suitable for places like nineto. The shoes invented by Adhikari are more waterproof in theory, and are very practical in places covered by heavy snow. 1n addition, it can also power the bulb in case of power failure

it is said that Adhikari is still improving his invention, hoping to realize the wireless charging function. 1n this way, there is no line to hinder the eye, which is more convenient

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