Wax your shoes and wear waterproof shoes

Last Saturday, rain fell again in Nanjing, and rain shoes became the travel equipment for many citizens. On the 1nternet, there is a hot post saying that as long as the surface of shoes is smeared with candle oil, it can be made into a pair of “tall and big” waterproof shoes. According to the online post, the reporter took a pair of old shoes for experiment and found that the part smeared with wax oil can indeed be waterproof, but is the waterproof effect really good

can candle oil change shoes into waterproof shoes

according to the popular microblog on the 1nternet, first of all, a lighted candle, cotton swab and a pair of shoes should be prepared; Next, apply the candle oil evenly on the vamp with cotton swab; 1n addition, after finishing the application, scrape off the extra candle oil; After cleaning, blow the wax oil with an electric hair dryer, so that the waterproof production process is completed. Finally, wash the vamp with water, and sure enough, it doesn’t drip, so “Mom doesn’t have to worry about my shoes getting wet any more!”

recently, the reporter took a pair of worn yellow casual outdoor shoes for an experiment. According to the steps in the post, after lighting the candle, he smeared the candle oil on the vamp with a cotton swab. 1t seems like a simple step, but it’s not easy to apply it evenly. There is not much candle oil on a small cotton swab. Reporter side daub, side observation, found that there are always small places not daub comprehensive, and some places thick, some places thin. 1n the next wax removal process, the reporter found that compared with other parts that have not yet been smeared with candle oil, the oiled part has become darker

when all the steps were completed, the reporter put the shoes under the faucet, and it was true that they were not wet after “over water”. And the rest of it that wasn’t oiled was already wet

Professional: Waterproof time is short

“wax is a kind of hydrophobic material, which has a certain effect on waterproof,” Mr. Zhang, a doctoral student in the Department of materials science and engineering of Nanjing University, told the reporter, “especially when the waxing process is uniform and dense enough, the waterproof effect should be good.”. Not only that, Mr. Zhang explained, because the chemical properties of wax are relatively stable, wax and shoes do not react, so the negative impact on the surface of shoes should be small

it can be waterproof. How about its durability? Mr. Zhang told reporters, “it can only be waterproof in a short time.”. 1t turns out that after a long time of use, the viscosity of the wax on the shoes and the vamp itself will be reduced, and the surface wax may appear cracks, fine lines, micro lines, and then fall off

what is the principle of professional outdoor waterproof shoes on the market? The reporter consulted the owners of many outdoor shoe stores on Zhujiang Road. Although most of the owners said they had heard about the production of such waterproof shoes, many owners said, “waterproof shoes generally refer to the increase of friction on the sole, not the vamp.” According to reports, professional mountaineering waterproof shoes are made of artificial leather mixed with animal leather, but the air permeability of some styles of waterproof shoes is not good, so when wearing waterproof shoes, mountaineers usually wear multiple pairs of shoes on wheels to avoid foot odor

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