wear a mask and remove the metal strip

1n winter, it seems that there are more haze days. Many people wear masks, and cyclists regard it as a kind of windbreak. 1t’s very dangerous to wear a mask on a bicycle

it is reported that there are many kinds of masks on the market. 1n order to make masks visible, most masks are equipped with bendable nose clips, and most of these nose clips use metal strips, or metal strips are glued to the surface of masks and embedded in masks. When wearing the mask, the inlaid or pasted metal strips are located above the bridge of the nose. Once you fall down when riding or walking, the mask will hang on your face, which is easy to cause harm to the facial epidermis and eyes

to choose a mask, in addition to the plastic nose clip mask with smooth edges, the metal strip on the nose clip of the mask can also be removed. As there are many facial nerves, once the face is injured in a collision, the patient should go to the hospital as soon as possible and be treated by professional medical staff

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