Wear labor protection articles according to regulations, and don’t “take but don’t use”

Not long ago, when a safety department went to the production line to check the wearing condition of labor protection articles, it was found that the employees basically took work clothes, masks, goggles, gloves, boots, towels and other labor protection articles when they went to work, but after they brought them to the scene, they did not use them in a standardized way, or even did not use them

for example, some employees hang their masks in front of their chests or ears when they are working because they think it is too hot or they are not comfortable breathing; Some workers do not wear goggles during welding and cutting operations, but squint sideways, which not only causes safety hazards, but also causes eye damage; Some workers don’t wear gloves when they work because they think wearing gloves is troublesome and inflexible; Some workers don’t surround the towel around the neck according to the regulations and throw the towel aside; Some workers put the labor protection supplies they received on the shelf and didn’t use them at all. They just used them to cope with the inspection; There are even individual grass-roots units that convert the labor protection articles that employees should get into cash, and some employees do not buy labor protection articles after receiving cash

these phenomena are quite common in the production line, and many managers and employees are used to it, which has become a kind of habitual illegal behavior. At the same time, some workers’ personal labor protection articles are misappropriated for other purposes, and the utilization rate is very low. Accidents caused by not wearing labor protection articles or improper use occur from time to time, especially the increase of pneumoconiosis caused by long-term exposure to dust. However, these hidden dangers have not attracted the attention of enterprises and employees, which is a blank area in safety inspection

at present, due to the reasons of purchasing, storage and transportation, the quality of labor protection articles issued by some employers is not good enough, and the employees are not willing to use them. Due to the lack of sense of responsibility or professional knowledge of labor protection articles, individual purchasing personnel of enterprises purchase labor protection articles of poor quality, which can not be used or easy to use. For example, workers in mines and construction enterprises often drop their hats and touch their heads, which shows that the quality of safety helmets is too poor; As soon as the work clothes are put on, the thread will be opened; Gloves and rubber boots are worn out as soon as they are worn, which leads to “broken shoes, broken hats and broken clothes”. 1n the long run, this is another reason why some workers are not willing to wear and use labor protection appliances< At present, with the continuous improvement of China's occupational health level and the improvement of occupational health protection system, all walks of life attach great importance to occupational health protection. 1n order to ensure the personal safety of workers, many employers will issue labor protection articles according to different types of work. Many rules and regulations include wearing labor protection articles as the necessary measures to protect the safety of workers. These measures play a great role in protecting the health of workers. Not using or not using labor protection articles correctly not only brings hidden danger to the safety production on site, but also greatly endangers the health of workers, which should be paid great attention by labor supervision departments and workers at all levels the employer should not give away the labor protection articles. The enterprise should include the labor protection articles in the daily safety inspection of the enterprise. While checking the safety production work, it should also check whether the labor protection articles are worn and used according to the regulations. Workers should improve their awareness of occupational health protection and wear labor protection appliances according to regulations, which is also the specific performance of being responsible for their own safety China labor insurance net

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