Wear “protective clothing” for employees

Recently, the new version of ventilation operation procedures of Chongqing Kaiyuan Company of Huayou Group was officially issued and implemented, and all ventilation service staff put on “protective clothing”. The new version of ventilation operation procedures consists of six parts, which are indoor common meter ventilation, indoor networking wired remote meter ventilation, indoor non networking wired remote meter ventilation, indoor wireless remote meter ventilation, indoor intelligent meter ventilation and outdoor meter ventilation operation procedures. The safety notice before ventilation is written into the procedures for the first time. Each part of the procedure is explained and required in detail from six aspects: risk prompt, emergency disposal, preparation before work, tool preparation, environment and equipment inspection, and operation, so as to facilitate employees to quickly and accurately understand and master the operation steps and essentials, and achieve the purpose of being simple and easy to understand and operate

in order to ensure the scientificity and practicability of the new version of ventilation operation procedure, the company organized many professionals to fully investigate and analyze the risks existing in the ventilation process, and solicited opinions from many parties. After several months, the company completed the revision of the original ventilation operation procedure and issued it for implementation

since the formal implementation of the new regulations, the relevant personnel of all units have studied carefully and operated accurately, and achieved “do as you write, write as you do”, laying a good foundation for safety production

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