Wear protective clothing when exposed to X-ray radiation

Do you wear protective clothing when you take X-rays? Recently, a Nanjing hospital was fined 10000 yuan for not telling patients to wear protective clothing. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed nearly 100 Citizens in Xi’an and found that more than 90% of the citizens did not know this rule. They admitted that they did not wear protective clothing when taking X-ray films

the patient was fined 10000 yuan for not wearing protective clothing

in May last year, a foreign child visited the Pediatrics Department of a hospital in Nanjing every month. The doctor suspected that he had pulmonary inflammation and suggested that he take a chest film. At the beginning of this year, due to the recurrence of the disease, Yueyue’s parents took the film taken in China and asked the local doctor abroad. The doctor asked if the child had been protected when taking the film. Yueyue’s parents were surprised, “never heard that X-ray still needs protection.”

foreign doctors say that children are more sensitive to radiation, especially to the reproductive system and thyroid gland, which may cause cancer. Yueyue’s family said that when they first treated their children, the hospital did not have any warning signs at all. To this end, they called the health supervision department of Nanjing to complain. An investigation by the Nanjing Municipal Health Supervision 1nstitute found that the hospital did not have a logo, nor did it remind the public of the radiation risk. 1n the end, the hospital was fined 10000 yuan< 1t is reported that the Ministry of health order No.46 and the "Regulations on the management of radiation diagnosis and treatment" implemented in 2006 clearly stipulate that the workplaces where medical institutions carry out interventional radiology and other X-ray imaging diagnosis should be equipped with protective articles for staff and subjects. The staff should abide by the principles of medical irradiation justification and radiation protection optimization, have a clear medical purpose, and strictly control the exposure dose; The sensitive organs and tissues adjacent to the exposure point should be shielded, and the health effects of radiation should be informed in advance. "This requires that medical institutions must be equipped with protective clothing, and the examinees must be informed of radiation related hazards before filming. 1f the patients take protective clothing, the hospital must be able to provide it. The notification can be labeling and oral notification, otherwise the hospital will be punished," said Liu, chief of the radiation health supervision department of Shaanxi Provincial Health Supervision 1nstitute yesterday however, chief Liu said that at present, there are few complaints from the masses, mainly because the masses do not have a high awareness rate of this regulation and do not know much about radiation hazards according to the introduction, conventional X-ray, including barium meal, limb bone film, chest film, cervical film, lumbar film, etc. Chest X-ray, CT examination and molybdenum target examination all need protection. Protective clothing includes protective hat, lead clothing, lead skirt, protective neck and even protective glasses radiation examination in hospitals is generally in violation of regulations yesterday, the reporter interviewed nearly 100 citizens, and more than 90% of them said they were not aware of the regulations, and admitted that they did not wear protective clothing when taking X-ray films. 1n addition, the reporter visited a number of medical institutions in Xi’an and found that radiation examination was generally illegal yesterday afternoon, there was an eye-catching “pay attention to ionizing radiation” sign on the door of the X-ray room of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University, and there was also information publicity on the radiation hazards of pregnant women and infants. However, when the patients were examined, the medical staff rarely informed them of the radiation hazards. On that day, more than 20 patients were examined, only two children were given protective clothing, and the rest of the patients were not, The doctor didn’t give a hint either. Other hospitals have a similar situation, some hospitals almost become radiation clothing furnishings, and some even do not have radiation hazards in this regard, Qiang Yongqian, deputy director of the medical imaging department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University, said frankly that according to the regulations, it is really necessary to inform patients to wear protective clothing before the examination, but in fact it is very difficult, “if every patient is informed, it will take at least 10 minutes for each person, but the hospital has to receive nearly 1000 patients every day, so it can only actively protect pregnant women, children and other key groups.” don’t ordinary people need protection? Qiang Yongqian said, “a single X-ray exposure is only a few tenths of a second, the radiation dose is 0.04 mSv / s, and the annual acceptable radiation dose per person i2.4 mSv, so even if there is no protection, there is no harm to the health of adults!”< The incidence rate of days and months multiplying the radiation hazards is also very low, br/>
said. The public should still be vigilant and strengthen the awareness of self protection. 1f a hospital is found to be breaches, it can be complained to the competent authorities. “Shaanxi,” Br / >
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