Wear protective glasses carefully

Protective glasses, also known as goggles, are protective equipment to protect workers’ eyes from injury. Some types of workers do not wear protective glasses during operation, which will cause unnecessary injury. For example, if welders do not wear protective glasses, they will get electro-optic ophthalmia immediately; 1f steelmakers don’t wear protective glasses for a long time, they will get occupational cataract; 1f the laser operator looks at the laser beam without wearing protective glasses, his eyes will be broken down, causing lifelong disability. Therefore, every laborer concerned should not only be familiar with his own work, but also understand the knowledge of wearing protective glasses, so that he must wear protective glasses according to the regulations when operating, and take his seat according to the number, not to wear indiscriminately

there are many kinds of protective glasses. According to the different uses, they can be divided into nine categories: anti abnormal objective lens, anti shock lens, anti chemical liquid splash lens, anti dust laser lens, anti microwave lens, anti high frequency lens, etc. Each type can be divided into several types according to its type and application. For example, anti arc radiation can be divided into gas welding mirror, electric welding mirror, steel-making mirror, blown glass mirror, etc. Anti arc radiation mirror has color requirements, generally mixed color is better, such as yellow green, Tan, gray is the best. 1n China, the research of protective glasses started late, so there are not many kinds of protective glasses. There are many kinds of protective glasses in some developed countries, including dozens of laser protective glasses

different protective glasses can prevent different harmful factors. Wearing the wrong protective glasses is harmful but not beneficial. For example, the anti arc radiation mirror is worn by the laser workers. The laser operators think that they are wearing protective glasses, so they can safely test the laser beam with their eyes. As a result, the eyes are broken down. Such accidents are not uncommon. Another example is that the dust-proof eyes are mistakenly taken as shock proof glasses for mountain workers. Because the dust-proof glasses are only used to prevent smoke from entering the eyes, their strength is not as high as that of shock proof glasses, so they can not prevent the impact of high-speed gravel on the eyes when mountain workers are driving. 1t is easy to make the same kind of protective glasses have different strengths, such as contacting weak arc radiation source when wearing anti arc radiation, Wear a light colored one (with more visible light transmission and smaller shading number); Contact strong arc radiation source to wear dark color (small visible light transmission, large shading number). For example, when welding, if the current changes from small to large, the protective glasses should be from shallow to deep. The protective glasses worn by steelmakers should also be determined according to the method and type of steelmaking, such as open hearth furnace, converter, electric furnace, etc. the arc intensity produced by them is different, and the depth of the protective glasses worn should not be the same. 1n general, the choice of dark and light colors must be appropriate. 1f you wear dark colors for a long time, you will see a lot of infrared rays through your eyes, and you will easily suffer from occupational cataracts. On the contrary, there is less visible light through your eyes, and it is difficult to see things. Over time, your eyesight will decline. Therefore, it is necessary to wear protective glasses

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