Wear protective tools to prevent occupational diseases

Wuhu City Health Supervision 1nstitute Zhongda electronic Wuhu Co., Ltd. held a publicity week with the theme of “prevention and control of occupational diseases, happiness for thousands of families”. 1t mainly carried out publicity and education of “law on prevention and control of occupational diseases”, occupational disease prevention knowledge and emergency drills for employers and workers< At present, many people are not aware of the occupational diseases, and they are not clear about the common occupational diseases Li section chief of the Municipal Health Supervision 1nstitute told reporters that there are 10 major categories and 115 kinds of statutory occupational diseases, and pneumoconiosis is the most common disease in Wuhu. The specific manifestations include cough, expectoration, chest pain and dyspnea. 1n addition, some patients also have wheezing, hemoptysis and some systemic symptoms according to the introduction, occupational diseases generally occur in mining, furniture manufacturing, foundry and other enterprises. Practitioners must wear dust masks in the process of work and have regular health examination. At present, there are 10 qualified inspection institutions in Jiangcheng, including the first hospital, the fifth hospital, the sixth hospital (Red Cross Hospital), Heping hospital, Renji orthopedic hospital and CDC. Workers can choose nearby protective tools must be worn section chief Li told reporters that the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases have requirements for both sides of labor relations. On the one hand, enterprises should seriously fulfill their legal responsibilities; on the other hand, workers should also enhance their own safety awareness. The protection tools configured by the enterprise must be used in the process of work. Do not discard them because you are not used to them the reporter saw that each production workshop of Zhongda electronics is equipped with more than one temperature and humidity detection electronic Kanban to detect the temperature, humidity and noise index in the workshop in real time, and the employees on the production line are equipped with corresponding protection tools. Huang Xianjun, an employee, said: “these are indispensable in daily work, such as safety shoes, protective glasses, noise earplugs, masks, finger covers, gloves, etc. Take safety shoes for example. They can protect toes, prevent hard objects from penetrating and prevent slipping. They are very effective. “ chemical leakage emergency drill a chemical leakage emergency drill was also held at 10:30 a.m. on the same day, aiming to improve the occupational disease prevention awareness and emergency handling ability of enterprise personnel in Zhongda electronic solvent room, two warehouse keepers leaked when carrying chemical solvents. One warehouse keeper splashed the solvent on his eyes, and the other warehouse keeper immediately sent a distress message to the supervisor, bringing the injured person into the emergency shower room for treatment. When the supervisor arrives at the scene of the accident, the evacuation personnel shall set up a guard at the same time, the fire team and the rescue team should be in place, put on fire-fighting clothes and chemical protective clothing, deal with the chemical disaster scene, and prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters. After mutual inspection, the two rescue workers put on chemical protective clothing and pushed the emergency goods vehicle into the scene. Acid absorbent cotton strips were used to control the solvent diffusion. After use, they were thrown into the hazardous waste disposal bag and sent to the hazardous waste temporary storage area. Do not let pollutants contaminate the skin during the whole process to prevent secondary injury. After the on-site processing is completed, the supervisor convenes the personnel, counts the number of people, and removes the alert after understanding the situation. The whole drill process is successfully completed according to the booking process our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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