Wear safety helmet, life is guaranteed

1 remember one time when 1 was in maintenance, 1 suddenly dropped a small screw cap from a height of 10 meters and it just landed on the head of the maintenance worker. Thanks to the safety helmet, 1 only heard the sound of “Dang”. A white mark was smashed on the safety helmet and the personnel were safe and sound. A safety helmet can avoid a safety accident, which also reminds us how important the safety helmet is to our maintenance workers

Xiao Zhang is an ordinary worker. At ordinary times, his safety helmet is either carried in his hand or on his shoulder. Sometimes it is used as a “bench” to relieve fatigue between work, or he refuses to wear it on his head for fear of confusing his hairstyle. Colleagues often remind him about it, and his family are worried about his careless behavior, but he always doesn’t think so

one day, a large-scale poster named “people-oriented, safety focused” deeply attracted and moved Xiao Zhang. 1n the picture, the child wearing a safety helmet looks at him naively, which makes his heart tremble. A kind of self blame arises spontaneously, and the voice of the child seems to ring in his ear — “Dad, are you wearing a safety helmet?” At the same time, my wife’s exhortation and parents’ instructions are all recalled one by one. Thinking of her lovely children, hard-working wife and elderly parents, Xiao Zhang’s hands with a helmet are sweating… Maybe because of her pursuit of a moment of natural and unrestrained, she may lose her original happy family” Care for life, pay attention to safety “, concern is not only personal safety, but family happiness, enterprise stability, social harmony. So, he subconsciously put the helmet on his head. His small action was noticed by colleagues passing by. Colleagues jokingly asked: “Xiao Zhang, are you not afraid to mess up your hair today?” Xiao Zhang lowered his head in shame

since then, Xiao Zhang has changed. He is determined to do a good job in “top up” and take care of the safety helmet. He consciously puts on the safety helmet every time he enters the scene. Under the scorching sun, Xiao Zhang, wearing a safety helmet, is even more heroic

Dear friends, when we use the colored pen in our hands to outline a beautiful pattern, when we praise a maintenance guard for his general indomitability, have we ever thought about the safety concept of our Shenning culture: life is above everything, responsibility is more important than Mount Tai; Coal mine can do not kill people, gas overrun is an accident, all production accidents can be prevented and controlled. Because of slight negligence, safety consciousness will leave our mind in a terrible moment, and all good things will disappear. Therefore, we should strengthen safety awareness, fulfill safety commitment, investigate and treat potential safety hazards, implement safety responsibility, improve safety environment, and ensure safe operation of enterprises and life and health of employees

the word “person” in “one touch and one touch” actually represents the backbone of supporting heaven and earth, which means that as a person, you must shoulder the responsibility of making others happy and yourself happy. Safety is the key to survival and happiness. Friends, in order to hold up tomorrow’s sun, please remember that “life is above everything, responsibility is more important than Mount Tai.”, This wise saying, pay attention to life, pay attention to safety

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