Wear safety helmet, safe and civilized

on Novembe3, the reporter came to the construction site of a building on Han’an Avenue in Dongxing District and saw that the construction site was surrounded by a wall, and the construction safety management system posted on the wall read “the project department must carry out safety education for the staff of each team” and other contents, requiring “once entering the construction site, the workers must wear safety helmets, otherwise 50 yuan will be deducted.”

on Novembe4, the reporter saw on the construction site of a resettlement house in Chengxi 1ndustrial Park, Shizhong District, that a striking “safe production” prompt was written on the top of the safety helmet placement place in the workers’ lounge. Site staff told reporters that safety tips like this are everywhere in the construction site, the purpose is to make workers always remember to wear safety helmets, always remember safety in production

“wearing safety helmet is safe and civilized.” 1n the construction site visited by the reporter, the workers can well abide by the relevant regulations of safety production, and wear safety helmets when they enter the construction site

the reporter learned from relevant departments that all construction units in our city have formulated “ten bans” on safety production. The first one emphasizes that it is strictly forbidden to wear clogs, slippers, high heels and no safety helmet to enter the construction site for operation. 1n order to strengthen safety management, some construction units have formulated detailed safety rules on “safety helmet must be worn when entering the construction site” according to the “labor safety discipline”: personnel of any type of work entering the construction site without safety helmet will be fined 50 yuan per person time, three members of the team will not wear safety helmet, the team leader will be fined 200 yuan, and more than five people will not wear safety helmet, The team leader will be fined 1000 yuan; 1f the cap shell is damaged and does not play the role of safety protection, 20 yuan will be fined for each person found; 1f a person is punished for more than three times in a row, he will stop work and study. 1f he does not wear a safety helmet, he will be responsible for all the economic losses caused

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