Wearing a mask in this way can better prevent smog

Observing the current weather and comparing China’s north and south, it can be said that it is cloudy on one side and sunny on the other. Of course, it is cloudy in the north and sunny in the south. Why? I’m afraid it is due to the haze floating in reality and on the Internet. Gongpinhui mro e-commerce reminds everyone that the correct choice and wearing a mask can effectively reduce the harm to the body caused by smog.

So what should you pay attention to when wearing and choosing PM2.5 masks? Based on its own sales experience and market research, mro will give buyers some explanations:
1.pm2.5 masks are cut in three dimensions to maintain ventilation space; and use adjustable nose strips to obtain the best density with the face Compliance;
2. Male and female masks are of the same style, XS size is applicable to children aged 3-6; S size is applicable to 7-12 years old (for specific sizes, please refer to the detailed product description when purchasing);
3. Mask use After that, please try to store it flat in a clean and dry place, avoid folding, so as not to damage the bridge of the nose;
4. Suggested cleaning method: remove the PM2.5 filter before washing, dilute with neutral detergent and water, and put the mask in , Rub gently with your hands, and dry in a cool place. Do not put it in the washing machine and wash it with other clothes. It is generally recommended to clean once every 1 to 2 weeks, and the filter should be replaced during cleaning;
5. PM2.5 microfiltration TM technology filter is an important part of this product, one comes standard, and 3 comes with the box. Do not use filters from other sources that are not approved by the producer. The Green Shield mask will not be responsible for the adverse reactions caused by this;
Children under 6.3 have low vital capacity and are not recommended for use; in places with poor ventilation or Not recommended for indoor use.
These are some basic knowledge. In this relatively bad weather, everyone must take good respiratory protection to avoid lung injury.

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