Wearing industrial masks for a long time or harmful to respiratory system

Recently, “Beijing plans to invest 760 billion yuan to manage air pollution” has made air quality, respiratory protection and other related topics hot again. The news related to masks: “wearing industrial masks for a long time will cause damage to the respiratory system” and “inconsistent norms of mask industry” also attracted the attention of the masses. The professor showed that there are severe differences between industrial masks and civil masks, and the use of activated carbon masks is easy to cause damage to health. To this end, the professor called for the development of national norms for civil masks

many consumers directly choose industrial masks, such as N95 masks, in the opposite haze climate. The filter power of pm0.075 particles should reach more than 95%, but the permeability is relatively poor. 1n fact, work masks are not suitable for everyone. German labor protection law requires that it is not suitable to wear industrial masks for a long time in non extreme working environment. 1n addition, if you wear an industrial mask, you should also pass all physical examinations to prevent damage to the user’s body due to the tightness of the industrial mask. With regard to the appearance of “industrial masks are full of civilian masks shopping malls”, Zhao Danqing, the head of Green Shield masks, said: “China’s mask shopping malls are in disorder. They are not only full of counterfeit masks, but also the category of civilian masks is not regulated by the state. As a result, many old people, children and expectant mothers use industrial protective masks, but in fact these groups are not suitable for wearing industrial masks. Moreover, the bacteria and viruses contained in the haze particles are also the factors that do great harm to health, but the industrial masks have not touched the protection of bacteria and viruses. “

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