Wechat circle of friends becomes shopping circle

Click to open the circle of wechat friends, mixed in the various information of sharing mood, knowledge and life, there are also many attractive pictures and words peddling products. After QQ and microblog, wechat circle of friends has become a new network marketing channel. A relatively private space for making friends has become a business field of price increase. This distorted business chain is full of various uncertain factors

the circle of friends has been “familiar”

advertisements are everywhere. Even the small circle of wechat friends has gradually become another “online store”. They are both friends and businessmen. This is the dual identity of the “micro business” groups who sell things in the circle of friends. After “mobile phone turns into walkie talkie”, wechat unconsciously becomes another Taobao, almost starting with “zero risk” and attacking aggressively and steadily

what is “wechat”? 1t’s the name given by businessmen who sell goods and do “acquaintance business” in wechat circle of friends. Some wechat merchants migrate from Taobao and other platforms, or open “branches” on wechat, while some are “native” wechat stores

“Gucci package, genuine foreign counter, micro me you like!” With a simple description and 1-9 product details, four friends have posted similar information in Ms. Chen’s circle of friends, all of whom she knows in real life

every promotion message in the circle of friends only has a brief introduction of “text with pictures”. The price is not transparent, the sales volume is not displayed, and there is no feedback on the goods. The way of business is to pay first and then deliver, most of which are directly traded on the seller’s bank card number. Some sellers will take into account the customers’ feeling of trading on Alipay platform. Although everything seems very unreliable, according to Miss Chen, the circle of friends helped her four friends earn monthly allowance, and one of them even sold more than 10000 yuan a month

“no invoice, no after-sales service, and 1’m sorry to ask for a refund. 1’m so dumb that 1 can’t tell what 1’ve suffered.” Miss Chen is very worried recently: out of her trust in her friends, she bought the goods promoted by her friends in the circle of wechat friends, but after buying them, she found that they were only high imitations, which were not worth the price she paid, but she was embarrassed to ask for a return. Although it’s just a small thing, my heart is always bumpy from now on

according to Miss Chen, a month ago, she spent 900 yuan to buy a backpack from her circle of friends” The owner is a friend of my college classmates, who specializes in international brands. At that time, it was good to see pictures and text introduction. ” Miss Chen said that when she got the real object, she was dumbfounded” 1t’s similar to the 500 or 600 yuan imitations on the market. The leather is ordinary, and the metal buckle on the bag is not exquisite. “

when she negotiates with the other party to return the goods through wechat, it’s not so easy. From the beginning of the cold reply, to the end has become nothing. Because she was a friend of her classmates, she was embarrassed to continue “entanglement”, so Miss Chen had to give up the idea of returning the goods. This shopping experience made her call “Keng dad”

at present, many people like Miss Chen are shopping in the circle of wechat friends because they trust their friends and classmates, and many of them find that they are not satisfied when they get things. However, they can’t complain and protect their rights due to face and other reasons, so they have to “suffer a dumb loss”. This kind of behavior of doing business in the circle of wechat friends has been helplessly praised as “the new version of the familiar plan”

Taobao shop owners move to wechat

to do business in the circle of friends, and what they earn is “acquaintance money”. However, it can not be underestimated that some sellers have begun to switch from Taobao to wechat

Liu Yan has opened an online shop on Taobao for two years, and has been doing overseas shopping on behalf of others, which is very popular. Liu Yan told reporters that the experience of opening an online store taught her how to drain. She is very optimistic about the potential of her circle of friends and has moved to the battlefield of wechat and microblog” As a purchasing agent, word-of-mouth is the most important thing. What we need is the effect of one pass ten, ten pass hundred, and the influence of circle of friends is more rapid. “

Lin Yun, the owner of a tea set Taobao shop, told reporters that at first she only shared some interesting photos in her circle of friends, such as some chic small pieces of porcelain” As a result, many of my friends would like to ask me where 1 can sell the porcelain in the picture. ” 1n this way, Lin Yun started a circle of friends business. To her surprise, in just three months, the sales of porcelain in the store increased by 30%

“acquaintance economy” is contradicted

“1 used to like wechat, but more and more advertisements from friends disgust me.” 1n the interview, Li Meng complained to the reporter more than once that he now uses wechat to contact his friends by sending short messages. He likes to open wechat when he has nothing to do. The frequency of using wechat every day is very high. However, with the increasing number of friends, many people who are not familiar with him also join in, and it’s hard to refuse, More and more products are advertised in the circle of friends, and most of these products are not interested by themselves” Sometimes when you open your circle of friends, the big screen is full of product advertisements. “

not a few people feel this way. The reporter interviewed more than 10 wechat users at random. Many of them said that recently, the trend that the circle of friends has become a “store” has become more and more obvious. Sometimes they often skip the information directly and ignore its existence

in this regard, wechat seller Miss yuan admitted that she had been “hacked” by her friends because of frequent advertising in the past six months

“once several new products were launched, so six messages were continuously updated within half an hour. As a result, a friend sent me wechat to remind me.” Miss Yuan said that this friend told her that someone said in private that she was annoyed, but because of her feelings, she was embarrassed to “pull black” her, and several others directly “pull black” her. Since then, Miss yuan has mastered the skill of sending only one message every two or three hours

in addition to controlling the frequency of sending messages, a series of problems, such as the number of wechat friends, the choice of products to sell, and the selection of wechat friends, are the bottlenecks faced by wechat businesses

Ms. Zhong, the seller of wechat, said that increasing the number of wechat friends is her urgent problem. Although Ms. Zhong can make many new friends and add their wechat by taking advantage of her work, after a period of trying, she found that the effect is not obvious” Most of them are just casual friends and don’t know about their hobbies. They are often blackmailed by these people and their turnover is not much. ” Ms. Zhong said that how to make her product marketing more accurate is not only a big bottleneck now, but also the bottleneck of other wechat stores around her

small scale and selling fake products restrict “wechat business”

in the interview, the reporter found that most of the sellers engaged in sales promotion in wechat circle of friends are individuals, they will not carry out industrial and commercial registration, and some people will open online stores on Taobao at the same time. 1ts main way of sales is to use friends’ recommendation to “lure” friends in the circle by displaying goods counters, express bills and counter tickets. Most people rely on their friends to support their sales, and then friends introduce them to other friends to maintain their business

“one of the characteristics of marketing in the circle of friends is to use acquaintances to achieve the geometric multiple growth of publicity effect. This kind of marketing method using word-of-mouth communication is actually a kind of” viral marketing “, which spreads rapidly and efficiently.” Mr. Liu, who is in charge of Qingdao e-commerce alliance, said that since it is carried out spontaneously among users, there is almost no cost and the effect is obvious. However, he believes that small scale and selling counterfeit goods will restrict the development of “micro business”

however, there are doubts about whether friends are willing to pay for your business every time. Mr. Liu told reporters that “once acquaintances based on social contact move towards trading relationship, their friendship will be weakened. From the current situation, most of the people who can do business in the circle of friends have many years of experience in e-commerce platform and have a certain customer base. The circle of friends only serves as a supplement. “

“how many people can there be in the circle of friends? Hundreds! The biggest problem of marketing in the circle of friends is that it is difficult to scale. 1f you want to be an e-commerce platform, there will be no value without scale. ” Mr. Liu, who is in charge of Qingdao e-commerce alliance, also pointed out that “the circle layer will also bring a small number of people. From this point of view, it is difficult to realize large-scale operation.” More importantly, from the perspective of wechat circle of friends marketing and transaction process, whether users can get legal protection when shopping here remains questionable. Unlike Taobao, which is a trading platform, the circle of friends is only a social channel. Orders and payments are directly completed by buyers and sellers, and there is no return process. The whole shopping process is not as safe as C2C and B2C websites with third-party platforms

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