Wei Lihua: fast growth depends on fine management

Being friendly is Wei Lihua’s first impression. As the general manager of JUNLEBAO, only his desk didn’t change when he changed his office. He said it would still work. There was no need” “Keeping a low profile” is the evaluation of Zhong Yan, executive general manager of JUNLEBAO, an old partner

such a person founded JUNLEBAO, led the rapid development of this enterprise, and became a new star in China’s low-temperature dairy industry

through the dialogue, we can learn how Wei Lihua made JUNLEBAO bigger. 1n terms of enterprise management and enterprise culture construction, Wei Lihua has his own opinions. For example, “we ask our employees to regard the factory as their home. Let’s think about it in reverse. Do we take our employees as our family members?”

reporter: JUNLEBAO has grown rapidly in recent years. As the helmsman of a fast-moving enterprise, what are the challenges for the development of the enterprise in your opinion< Wei Lihua: from my point of view, there are three challenges. The first is that after the rapid development in the early stage, the enterprise needs to further improve its internal management. Previously, the managers of enterprises were mainly trained from the inside, and this year they began to be introduced from the outside. Management should be professional. We have learned from Danone in the dairy industry. 1n the manufacturing industry, we went to Japan to learn from Toyota's refined management. Although it is not an industry, many methods can be used for reference. Refined production and management is one of JUNLEBAO's main tasks this year Second, after rapid growth, China’s economy will gradually enter a period of stable growth. Before, the industry grew at a rate of 20%. As long as enterprises keep pace with the industry, they will achieve great development, but this will not be the case in the future. 1n such a high growth industry, enterprise growth is not necessarily the improvement of enterprise ability, but “the typhoon blows you running”. 1n the future, the growth rate of the industry may be only 67%. Even if the growth rate of the industry is only 1.2%, the enterprise can still do it. This is a great challenge for the enterprise, that is, to improve the internal strength of the enterprise Third, the challenge of talents. 1n recent years, the labor cost has doubled, and the cost will increase in the future. How to deal with it? How to manage the post-80s and post-90s young people? How to motivate them? Businesses need to adapt to them. Enterprises should find ways to bring their creativity and talents into full play. 1n terms of employees’ wages, we should give our employees the treatment of leading local enterprises in the same industry and keep them reporter: the challenges you mentioned are the same for most enterprises. How does JUNLEBAO deal with it? What are the new trends in the dairy industry< Wei Lihua: the market trend of high-end products in dairy industry is very good now. 1n this area, JUNLEBAO has been strengthening the building of high-end products. 1n addition, the development of the industry must depend on the trend. 1n the past, as long as you buy a piece of equipment, you can make money just like a banknote printer. But in the future, the profit of the enterprise will be lower and lower. JUNLEBAO should be prepared in advance to adapt to this change. From the management culture and strategic level to prepare. For example, we propose to become the leader of China's nutrition and health food, which is in line with the market demand. People pay more attention to nutrition and health. We will conduct in-depth research on the strains, such as proposing some beneficial bacteria in the study of Changshou village, and conducting some research on the strains of anti alcohol food safety is also a topic of concern to the whole society, which needs to be implemented through management and staff. To this end, JUNLEBAO is now learning from Toyota’s refined management, through management to ensure quality, let employees not only contribute their hands and feet, but also their brains, establish a set of system, reward employees’ reasonable suggestions, improve working methods, provide a platform, let employees from passive work to active work of course, it’s very cold to rely only on the system and supervision committee, which needs the construction of corporate culture. Through the edification of corporate culture, we should let the employees implement it spontaneously and voluntarily. There is a democratic life meeting at the management level, where self-criticism and mutual fault finding are carried out. As for service, my understanding is to work around and help. People are willing to be good. We should create this kind of atmosphere. 1f employees work with emotion, they will not do well reporter: as a FMCG product, JUNLEBAO does not invest much in brand promotion. What’s your plan for JUNLEBAO’s brand building Wei Lihua: that’s true, but this year, we have invited Jiang Wenli to act as the brand image spokesperson of JUNLEBAO yogurt, conveying the brand image of “making good yogurt with heart”. 1n my opinion, the influence of a brand is based on the quality of its products. 1n the field of FMCG, a large amount of sales may be achieved by advertising for a while, but the products must be excellent in order to maintain long-term growth. Our strategy is to gradually increase the strength of brand promotion, but more energy will be put on product development in addition, we launched the industrial tourism project this year, built the first yogurt culture center in China, let consumers come to the company to understand the culture, history and efficacy of yogurt, and visited the production process, quality inspection and product development in the factory. At present, we have received more than 30000 people, and consumers have seen it with their own eyes, Changed some one-sided understanding of dairy industry, increased the trust of enterprises< At present, the R & D investment of JUNLEBAO exceeds 5% of the sales revenue. We can't just be satisfied with the current situation. 1f we want to lead the development of the industry, enterprises must do some forward-looking research and layout in advance. To this end, we set up a consumer research department to track and study consumer demand. 1n terms of product research and development, JUNLEBAO is the second national high-tech enterprise in the dairy industry, with a professional team

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