Weihai held “safe Weihai fluorescent children’s walk” for public welfare

Recently, the large-scale public welfare activity of “safe Weihai fluorescent children’s walk donating fluorescent clothes to primary school students” jointly organized by Weihai municipal Party Committee Publicity Department, Weihai Municipal civilization office, Youth League municipal Party committee, Weihai Municipal Education Bureau, traffic police detachment of Weihai Public Security Bureau and Huancui District Education Bureau was launched in Weihai experimental primary school. More than 1000 students put on fluorescent clothes, which made teachers and parents feel relieved.

the ceremony officially begins at 9:30 a.m. Jiang Changyong, deputy general manager of dazhong.com of Dazhong newspaper group, Han Wenfei, deputy director of Weihai Education Bureau, and Wang Shuping, general manager of Weihai Maoming Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. delivered speeches successively. Then, Zhang Jinhua, the principal of the experimental primary school, read out the “rules for wearing reflective clothing” and asked the teachers and students to abide by the traffic rules, improve their awareness of civilization and travel safely. Student representatives presented red scarves to the leaders, and the leaders at the meeting jointly distributed “love reflective clothing” to the representatives of primary school students. Finally, Li Xuebo, full-time deputy director of the Civilization Office of Weihai municipal Party committee, presented a plaque for the experimental primary school, which was named “safe Weihai fluorescent peer — traffic safety and civilization demonstration campus”. The first batch of 1236 fluorescent clothes were distributed to the students at the activity site. The eye-catching and convenient fluorescent clothes remind the drivers to slow down and provide a more powerful safety guarantee for students.

after the ceremony, the female police officer of the traffic police detachment of Weihai Public Security Bureau explained to the students the matters needing attention in wearing and cleaning fluorescent clothes, and conducted on-site demonstration for the students. Then, under the guidance of the head teacher, the students of each class visited the live broadcast vehicle of safety publicity. The head teacher timely explained to the students the serious harm of illegal behaviors such as crossing the road and running red lights, and taught the children to form a good habit of abiding by traffic laws and regulations.

all primary schools in Huancui District will take this activity as an opportunity to continuously enhance the safe travel awareness of teachers and students by carrying out theme class meetings, safety lectures and other activities, and drive the whole family to abide by traffic laws and regulations through “small hands holding big hands”, so as to improve the civilized traffic awareness of the whole society

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