Weinan management office provides dust masks for employees

recently, the haze weather in Guanzhong continued. 1n order to protect the health of the front-line staff, Weinan Management Office decided to distribute PM2.5 medical dust masks to the field staff of the toll station and the Road Administration inspectors of the management office after investigation, so as to ensure the personal safety of the front-line staff working in the outdoor environment

when road inspectors and toll station field workers work outdoors for a long time, excessive inhalation of toxic substances will cause great harm to the body, and easily cause diseases including asthma, bronchitis and cardiovascular disease. Weinan Management Office has taken effective measures to ensure the health and safety of employees in recent haze weather. Besides PM2.5 medical dust masks, it has also replaced reflective rainproof clothes with better reflective effect for the front-line outdoor staff to ensure their personal safety in low visibility in haze weather. Small measures, warm people, Weinan management humanized management, care for front-line staff, in the cold winter brought warmth to the staff

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