Weiqiao develops antibacterial and anti-virus fabric successfully

recently, a kind of anti-bacterial and anti-virus fabric developed jointly by weiqiaote wide printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shandong Weiqiao Venture Group Co., Ltd., and German Sima Chemical Co., Ltd., has been developed successfully. This product is in the fabric dyeing and finishing process, the use of Germany Sima chemical high-tech content of new additives to achieve strong sterilization, anti-virus effect

in the research and development of anti-bacterial and anti-virus products, Shandong weiqiaote wide printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. and German Sima Chemical Co., Ltd. have conducted repeated tests for nearly 8 months. The final development is successful after many times of exploration in small scale test, pilot test and large sample production, and optimization and screening of production process, product performance and economy

antibacterial and anti-virus products can effectively kill Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, with good anti-virus effect. 1t can be washed for many times and has low migration tendency. 1t will not affect the sweat glands and pores of human body. 1t meets the safety standard of sterilization products of European Union. 1t can be widely used in intimate underwear, special masks, handkerchiefs, towels, household bedding, hotel bedding with more people, hospital doctor’s clothes, nurse’s clothes, patient’s clothes, hospital sheets, quilt covers, etc

the series of anti-bacterial and anti-virus products have the capacity of mass production, and some of them have been put on the market. Many companies are negotiating to buy out the exclusive agency right in a certain regional market, and the market prospect is very broad

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