Wenling No.1 shoe factory seized counterfeit brand children’s shoes

recently, according to the industrial and commercial personnel of Zeguo branch of Wenling Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, in the warehouse of a shoe factory in Yanjia 1ndustrial Zone, Zeguo Town, it was found that the shoe factory covers an area of about 400 square meters. The production workshop has production equipment such as blanking machine, injection molding machine and electric sewing machine, and more than 50 workers are producing various kinds of shoes. However, the party concerned can not produce the relevant supporting documents of Adidas Salomon Co., Ltd., the owner of the registered trademark of Adidas, which allows it to use the trademark of Adidas

according to the preliminary understanding, in order to increase the sales volume of shoes, the party bought the sample children’s shoes marked with Adidas logo from the road and bridge market without authorization, and asked others to make the above-mentioned children’s shoes for export in Hengfeng market. Unfortunately, the anti-counterfeiting company found and reported them, and then the industrial and commercial department found 175 cases of counterfeit Adidas children’s shoes, a world-famous shoe brand, A total of 8400 pairs

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