Wenling shoe enterprises attach importance to environmental protection and vigorously carry out renovation work

since 2007, a total of 1534 large-scale industrial enterprises have been treated in Wenling, with a wastewater treatment rate of 100%, involving key enterprises of pollution reduction, aquatic products processing industry, pickling and wire drawing and other industries. This year, the environmental protection department of Zhejiang Province monitored the water quality of the river cross Administrative Region in the province from January to may, and the water quality of Wenling has handed over an excellent report card

in order to meet the emission standard of workshop waste gas, baolite Shoes Co., Ltd. has installed more than 300000 yuan of activated carbon adsorption equipment in the new plant for waste gas collection and treatment. 1n the new plant area, a sewage treatment tank with an investment of 1.09 million yuan and an area of more than 900 square meters was built simultaneously with the new plant. 1n order to deal with the mountain of waste from the shoe industry, Chen Huagen, President of baolite, not only transformed the five generation boiler, but also “twice transported 20 tons of waste from the shoe industry from Wenling to the furnace factory in Jiangsu Province by truck.”

in the list of Wenling water pollution control enterprises issued by Taizhou not long ago, shoe enterprises accounted for the majority. Pan Yunhui, section chief of the pollution control section of Wenling Environmental Protection Bureau, said that Wenling is determined to thoroughly rectify the waste water and waste gas discharge of shoe enterprises. 1t is stipulated that enterprises with an annual output value of 5-50 million yuan must let the waste water be uniformly treated by sewage treatment facilities and not be directly discharged; For enterprises with an annual output value of 50-100 million yuan, the wastewater should be treated regularly and discharged up to the standard; For enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan, the collection and treatment of waste water and waste gas should reach the standard except for the waste at the edges and corners, and the treatment plan should be put forward

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