Wenling shoe industry: transformation and upgrading reborn

On June 26, the number of enterprises dropped from 11000 to 6053, down 45%, and the number of employees decreased by 105000

this is the data comparison of Wenling shoe industry as of the end of May. Does this mean that the footwear industry, one of the pillar industries in Wenling, has entered a low ebb< 1n the first quarter of this year, the total output value of Wenling shoe-making enterprises wa2.21 billion yuan, and the local tax revenue was 49 million yuan, an increase of 6.0% and 21.13%. From January to may, the local tax revenue of shoe enterprises increased by 14.36% year-on-year, and the national tax revenue increased by 25.24% year-on-year; The output value of shoe enterprises on the scale reached 4.024 billion yuan, up 8.75% year on year after “1.14”, Wenling footwear industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation: transformation and rebirth Renovation: breaking the low-end lock-in and the struggle of transformation and upgrading the “grass like” business model of erecting a machine and starting a factory by renting a private house once made Wenling a paradise for private entrepreneurship the total output value of shoes industry in Wenling is 12.5 billion yuan, accounting for 17.9% of the total industrial output value of Wenling City, and it is also one of the leading industries in Wenling. Among them, there are 4000 shoemaking enterprises in Hengfeng street, most of which are workshop style and family style, with a small scale. There are only seven enterprises with a hundred million yuan in the city, and among the more than 10000 enterprises, there are only 237 large-scale enterprises the “low-end lock-in” brought by “low and small scattered” has affected the quality of economic development. Especially for the shoe industry, the overall industrial development environment is poor, there are many hidden dangers in production safety, there is no output value, it is difficult to create profits and taxes, there is insufficient innovation and weak upgrading, and the industrial development is always at the low end of the value chain at the beginning of this year, a fire broke out in Wenling Dadong shoe factory, which caused the world to learn from the past and the Wenling municipal Party committee and government carried out the work safety rectification action with unprecedented efforts. On the second day after the fire, Wenling City held a ten thousand people’s pledge meeting for safety improvement, proposing the iron law of “four must stop, four must dismantle and four must pursue responsibility”. Wenling shoe industry must find a new way out in the ashes of the fire: more than 10000 shoe enterprises all stop production and conduct audit one by one. All the three in one enterprises integrating accommodation, storage and production and those that do not meet the conditions for safe production are closed down as of June 10, Wenling City has demolished 4.4521 million square meters of illegal shoes, banned 6718 unlicensed enterprises, including 3343 unlicensed shoe enterprises. A person in charge of a local shoe factory told reporters that previously, some unlicensed shoe factories only started in the “peak season”, and disrupted the market order and occupied a large number of market resources by short-term high price recruitment, malicious copying of shoe sample creativity and other means. Now, “the market is clean all of a sudden.” the “spring” of regular shoe enterprises is coming. This year, Taizhou Luyou Shoes Co., Ltd. ushered in a peak season: foreign trade orders suddenly increased by 30% the company started work ahead of schedule on January 20. Li Xingzhong, the person in charge of the enterprise, is planning to recruit workers and open another production line rectification is not only a shutdown and rectification, but also a re optimal allocation of resources. Wenling City eliminated and transferred a number of low-end and high-risk enterprises through “three reforms and one demolition”, and released 208 pieces of land after demolition “limited resources must serve high-quality enterprises.” Yu Haibo, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Chengbei street, said. 1n the following land use after demolition, Yu Haibo listed several criteria for “land grant”: Top 100 enterprises in the city, holding provincial famous trademarks, and referring to other conditions. Next, the streets should support some potential small enterprises to “go up to the standard”, and encourage the optimization and integration among enterprises and even industries, so as to promote the shoe-making industry to a higher level Li Bin, deputy secretary of Wenling municipal Party committee and mayor of Wenling City, said that when the low-end locking and transformation and upgrading are in a wrestling situation, we must take drastic measures to break the deadlock through the implementation of large-scale rectification action. The large-scale rectification action is targeted and explosive in the short term, which is expected to change the wrestling situation between the two sides, so that the economy can quickly get rid of the low-end drag and move forward. Wenling shoe industry renovation in just four months, effectively reversed the situation, it shows this problem Transformation: forced production change and equipment revolution in the third floor workshop of Zhejiang bike sporting goods Co., Ltd. in Chengbei street, a brand-new automatic production line of shoe industry is being put into trial operation this is an automatic production line introduced by B1CO with an investment of more than 7 million yuan, which will be officially put into operation at the end of June. Hao Genwang, a debugging worker, told reporters that this production line can replace more than 60 workers and increase the production efficiency more than twice after the “1.14” fire, on the one hand, “we encourage enterprises to replace manual operation with” fully automated digital multi station flexible production line for shoe-making “, which can reduce the number of operators by 70% in one production line.” Jiang Sheng, deputy director of Wenling Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, was introduced. At the same time, 15 municipal key shoe-making enterprises were selected to carry out the pilot work of transformation and upgrading< On the other hand, equipment reform is also the development demand of enterprises. Yuan Kangning, President of bike company, told reporters that after the big rectification, the number of employees in the local footwear industry decreased, the labor cost rose, and even the phenomenon of "money can't recruit people" once appeared. A large number of small, medium and micro enterprises are realizing "rebirth" and catching up through the means of "machine replacement"" 1nstead of waiting for the transformation of other enterprises, it's better to strike first, otherwise it's up to you to suffer losses. " the investment in the new production line has brought visible benefits to the enterprise” According to the annual salary of each worker of 40000 yuan, this assembly line can save more than 2 million yuan of labor costs a year. ” Yuan Kangning told reporters that there are more than 450 people on one floor. 1f mechanized production is introduced, less than 200 workers will be needed, and the production capacity will not be reduced “it’s a short-term pain to shut down” low and small powder “, but it’s a long-term pain to tolerate backward production capacity.” Zhou xianmiao, Secretary of Wenling municipal Party committee, said that Wenling was aware of the adverse impact of the “low, small and scattered” pattern earlier, actively guided the massive economy to develop into industrial clusters, and successfully completed the transformation and upgrading of a number of industries such as pumps and machine tools. Since 2012, we have made a series of plans to enhance the development of the shoe industry and strengthen the innovation drive technology improvement brings about product quality improvement and more orders and profits. Chengbei street has invested more than 8 million yuan in the construction of a shoe quality inspection center, introduced cultural creativity and characteristic design from Fujian, Guangdong and other places, and cooperated with Alibaba to improve the overall level of the industry in the process of transformation and development, some business owners have taken the initiative to change production, develop in groups, or cross industry development, and actively seek changes and survival in the market. Jin Hongbing, who has been a shoe maker for nearly 20 years, registered “Taizhou Bofen Electronics Co., Ltd.” in April this year to produce tablet computer accessories for a local electronics company. What Lao Jin doesn’t know is that this move, which he called “small fight and small trouble”, actually represents another direction of Wenling shoe enterprises in the tide of transformation in the process of renovation, Wenling actively guided some shoe enterprises to transform to e-commerce or cross industry production by implementing various supporting policies and working measures for small scale upgrading. More “shoe owners” stay in the industry they are familiar with, and their way is to “work together”. With the integration of resources, the market has become bigger. According to the statistics of relevant departments in Wenling City, during the rectification period, a total of 615 shoe market players realized the turning from individual to enterprise the renovation of Wenling’s shoe industry is still in progress. For the space vacated by the demolition of illegal buildings in the renovation, the first batch of 160 reconstruction sites with a total area of 4021 Mu have been planned, many of which will be built into high standard shoe parks to realize the park, characteristic and brand development of shoe industry our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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