Wenxian shoe industry has gradually become a pillar industry

in recent years, the shoe industry in Wenxian county has developed rapidly, and gradually developed into a local pillar industry. On the one hand, Wenxian increased investment, innovated the variety of shoes, improved the quality of shoes, and promoted the upgrading of Wenxian shoes industry; On the one hand, Rio Tinto innovates its development ideas, and its foreign market makes foreign orders pouring in. Some products are also exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, Russia, Canada and so on

this summer, it was supposed to be the off-season for the shoe industry in Wenxian county. However, when we walked into Jiaozuo Fuda shoes company located in Huangzhuang town of Wenxian County, we heard the rumble of machines in the production workshop and saw the orderly work of shoe workers. Rolling rubber, molding, molding, vulcanization, packaging, all processes are carried out in an orderly manner… Many people in charge of the shoe industry also said that in terms of the orders received at present, the shoe market is not weak this summer, and the sales situation is good< As a well-known sandal production base in China, Wenxian was once plagued by courtyard economy, small scale, single product and other problems, resulting in small development steps and low profits. To this end, this year, the county took a variety of measures to break the cocoon into a butterfly. First, we should strengthen the guidance of shoe-making enterprises, break the courtyard economic model, encourage specialized households to form joint workshops and build shoe-making enterprises; Second, set up the trade association, strengthen the self-discipline of shoe factory, guarantee the product quality; Third, technological innovation, upgrading, bold attempt to take the road of combining sandal technology with cotton slipper technology. At present, the whole county has formed a shoe industry chain with complete categories of sandals, slippers, leather shoes, cloth shoes, release shoes, snow boots, travel shoes, etc., and stable sales network, covering almost all categories of the low-end market< 1n recent years, the shoe industry in Wenxian has developed rapidly, and all kinds of shoe-making enterprises are all over the county, which has become a pillar industry in the county. 1n order to promote the sustainable development of shoe production, make the shoe production upgrade and expand the scale as soon as possible, undertake the industrial transfer, and build Wenxian into a shoe production base around the country as soon as possible. The county continued to recruit, and strive to provide support for enterprises. Zhongyuan shoes city project in the county covers an area of 60000 square meters, with a total investment of 65 million yuan. After the completion of the market, more than 200 merchants will settle in and solve the employment problem of more than 1000 people. 1t will become a distribution center of raw materials for shoes industry. All kinds of shoe products exhibition center, multi-function, multi format, high-quality combination, set up a platform for the development of Wenxian shoe industry. The shoemaking 1ndustrial Park project, located in the east of the industrial agglomeration area of the county, has a planning area of 225 mu. At present, three shoemaking projects with a total investment of 380 million yuan are planned to settle in. Wenxian Qixing rubber shoes project, which is one of the 100 key projects in the county, was officially put into production in May, realizing the start of the year and the start of the year

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