Wenzhou commending 21 “most beautiful firefighters”

Today is the sixth disaster prevention and mitigation day. 1n the morning, Wenzhou held a meeting to solemnly commend the 21 “most beautiful firefighters” just selected. Ma Xiaohui, deputy secretary of Wenzhou municipal Party committee and Secretary of the political and Law Commission, Hu Jianjin, member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou municipal Party committee and Minister of publicity, Huang Baokun, member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou municipal Party committee and director of public security, attended the meeting and presented awards

Wenzhou is an area with developed market economy in China. There are many small and medium-sized enterprises and there are many potential fire hazards. The fire situation in Zhejiang Province mainly depends on Wenzhou. Since May 2009, Wenzhou Public Security Fire Bureau has been enforcing the law with an iron hand, making every effort to build a new order of social fire safety, creating the best record of the most stable fire situation and the least number of fire casualties in recent years, making great contributions to the zero growth of fire casualties in Zhejiang Province for nine consecutive years

the Publicity Department of Wenzhou municipal Party committee and the Municipal Public Security Fire Bureau jointly carried out the activity of finding and selecting the “most beautiful firefighters” in Wenzhou. Through individual registration, Organization recommendation, expert group selection, committee evaluation and other links, one “most beautiful fire collective” and 20 “most beautiful firefighters” were finally selected. Among them, there are officers and soldiers in active service and full-time firefighters who go through fire and water and sacrifice their lives; there are civilian fire-fighting employees and contract firefighters who abide by their duties and work hard; there are fire-fighting volunteers who are eager for justice and selfless dedication; and there are social enthusiasts who care about the public welfare of fire-fighting

at the meeting this morning, Wu Xingrong, director of Wenzhou Public Security Fire Bureau, made a speech to strive to be the most beautiful firefighter and create a fire brigade that people are satisfied with

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