Wenzhou enterprises will focus on shoemaking enterprises and clothing enterprises in the future

“Wenzhou enterprises are initially scheduled to come to Qinghai on the 14th of this month. There are about 50 enterprises, mainly shoe-making enterprises and clothing enterprises. We are making relevant preparations.” Yesterday, the person in charge of the provincial Employment Center said

according to the list of enterprises provided by Wenzhou business daily and the types of jobs they recruit, among the Wenzhou enterprises that come to Qinghai this time, the number of Wenzhou shoe-making enterprises represented by Aokang Group Co., Ltd., the largest private shoe-making enterprise in China, is relatively more

in addition, the gap of workers in Wenzhou Foreign Trade garment enterprises is also very large, which will directly affect the orders and orders of enterprises. Without workers, many enterprises even dare not take orders. Many foreign trade garment enterprises hope that this trip to Qinghai will try to alleviate the problem of recruitment difficulties. The staff of our province’s employment center expressed the hope that our province’s personnel who plan to work abroad can grasp this opportunity and strive to go out to work as soon as possible to make money

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