Wenzhou fanfuzuzi shoe industry organizes fire fighting training for employees

summer is the high incidence period of fire. 1n line with the principle of “safety first, prevention first”, strengthen the safety awareness of employees, reduce the harm of fire accidents to personnel, and improve self-protection ability, Wenzhou fanfuzuzi Shoes Co., Ltd. invited professional firefighters to the shoe factory to demonstrate and train employees’ fire fighting and self-help skills during the safety education and publicity week. Huang Guoquan, the main leader of the company, came to the scene to guide the work

this fire drill mainly trained some fire fighting equipment use methods, fire knowledge and emergency escape methods. During the exercise, the fire situation was found, personnel evacuation, initial control of fire control center, fire alarm, voluntary firefighters and fire brigade on-site fighting and rescue were carried out in one go. Mainly, the staff also actively participate in the operation, experience fire extinguisher, wet sack fire fighting and other subjects< Mr. Huang Guoquan, general manager of fanfuzuzi Shoes Co., Ltd., hopes that all employees involved in key safety positions can take the initiative to do a good job in prevention, improve their fire awareness and emergency response ability, and adhere to the people-oriented culture

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