Wenzhou: five shoe enterprises participate in international standard formulation

the 1SO / tc216 technical standards working conference of international footwear industry was held in Wenzhou recently. The staff of Wenzhou Quality 1nspection 1nstitute and the technical directors of Kangnai, Aokang, red dragonfly, Tama and Augustus participated in the discussion on the parameters of six standards of shoes, including antibacterial, sole bending and limit of harmful substances. Qi Xiaoxia, Secretary General of the National Technical Committee for shoemaking standardization, believes that participating in the formulation of international standards not only shows the strength of Wenzhou shoe enterprises, but also helps them effectively avoid technical barriers in international trade in the future

the five Wenzhou shoe enterprises participating in this meeting have been actively participating in the discussion and formulation of relevant standards for the domestic footwear industry. When they learned that Chinese shoe enterprises were qualified to participate in the formulation of 1SO / tc216 technical standards, they actively applied, passed the audit and were successfully shortlisted< 1t is reported that the discussion results of this working meeting will be submitted to the next round of meeting held in Milan, 1taly on November 18 this year for discussion and voting

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