Wenzhou garment enterprises encounter “single shortage” and “labor shortage”

from primary processing to self created brand and then to advanced customization, Wenzhou garment enterprises are looking for their own accurate market positioning in the continuous transformation. At present, with the popularity of “high-end men’s clothing manufacturing base”, Wenzhou garment enterprises begin to encounter “shortage of orders”

according to the introduction, Wenzhou has nearly 4000 garment enterprises, 80% of which are OEM enterprises, and top global garment brands such as Zegna, Armani, Versace and Gucci have already placed orders in Wenzhou” “Made in Wenzhou” supports hundreds of high-end brands at home and abroad to enter the terminal market. Relevant statistics show that the turnover of Wenzhou men’s wear market in 2009 exceeded 200 billion yuan. At present, one out of every two top men’s wear brands in China is produced in Wenzhou

however, the “shortage of orders” at the beginning of this year began to perplex Wenzhou garment enterprises, which work for domestic high-end brands and even international top brands. Zheng Richi, general manager of Wenzhou prama Garment Co., Ltd., who has been processing and labeling for more than ten years, said: “the most troublesome thing this year is the shortage of orders.”. Looking at a steady stream of orders, we can’t resist them. We have to give up With the same feeling, Xu Zhengjie, chairman of Zhejiang kuoshai Clothing Co., Ltd., estimated the loss of orders this year, but said helplessly: “this is not a small profit.”

when it comes to “shortage of orders”, Zheng Richi points his finger at “labor shortage”. 1n Wenzhou, in the face of “labor shortage”, many enterprises show all kinds of helplessness. 1n the eye-catching positions at the door of many enterprises, there are large recruitment advertisements that were only put up at the end of the year in previous years: “air conditioned rooms are provided free of charge, half of the meal expenses are subsidized”, “the minimum wage of general workers is more than 1800 yuan / month, and the mechanic is 3000-5000 yuan / month, with a rest of four days per month”… “With such courtesy, we are still unable to avoid the” shortage of orders “brought about by the” labor shortage. ” Zheng Richi looks a little excited

many factors lead to “single shortage” and “labor shortage” is just one of them. Zheng chenai, President of Wenzhou clothing chamber of Commerce, believes that in order to realize the reputation of “high-end men’s wear manufacturing base”, Wenzhou must first improve the added value of product manufacturing. He said that only by transforming from low value-added manufacturing to high value-added manufacturing can the industrial chain of Wenzhou Manufacturing be strengthened, production investment and technological innovation be developed at the same time, and the platform of “high-end men’s wear manufacturing base” be really lifted

“in fact, the phenomenon of shortage of orders is a way of self adjustment of the market, which forces enterprises to speed up the pace of structural upgrading and technological transformation. This kind of change is not waiting for us.” Zhang Qiongyao, Secretary General of Wenzhou clothing chamber of Commerce, said that our chamber of commerce is advocating the concept of “made in Wenzhou”, that is, to reduce the number of OEM processing, increase the added value of OEM, and build a big brand of “high-end manufacturing”

with the acceleration of the transfer of textile and garment industry from coastal areas to the central and western regions, Wenzhou garment processing and OEM enterprises are more and more aware of the importance of creating “high-end manufacturing”” Coastal areas can no longer do the amount of clothing, we must do value. 1f we keep on going, there will be no way out. ” Zheng chenai said firmly< According to Zhang Qiongyao, Wenzhou garment chamber of commerce is organizing Wenzhou garment enterprises to discuss the industrial planning of further building a "high-end men's wear manufacturing base", and the top 20 Wenzhou manufacturing enterprises will soon come out. Zhang Qiongyao also said: "on October 22, Wenzhou clothing chamber of Commerce will join hands with many Chinese and foreign organizations to hold a global high-end men's wear development forum in Shanghai. At that time, "made in Wenzhou" will face-to-face with high-end clothing brands at home and abroad. "

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