Wenzhou plans to build “China Shoes Capital headquarters”

the implementation plan of transformation and upgrading of shoe leather industry in Wenzhou City has been proved by experts. As an important pillar industry of Wenzhou economy, the total industrial output value of the whole shoe leather industry in 2009 was about 70 billion yuan, accounting for nearly a quarter of the city’s industrial output value. According to the statistics of the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, there are 2633 shoe-making enterprises in Wenzhou, including 871 Enterprises above designated size. 1n 2001, “China Shoes Capital” settled in Wenzhou

in view of the low-grade products, serious product isomorphism and weak R & D and design ability of Wenzhou shoe leather industry, Wenzhou takes “building headquarters economy” as the main measure for transformation and upgrading of shoe leather industry

it is reported that Wenzhou plans to build a 100000 square meter “China Shoes Capital headquarters” building in the business district of Ouhai new town. Xiamen has a “product design and development center” and “Wenzhou minggou” boutique Museum, which integrates product design, development and brand display, providing one-stop service for enterprises

at the same time, Wenzhou also plans to move the existing hetongqiao shoe material market and the southern Zhejiang shoe material market of Huanglong trade city to the second phase of China shoe capital headquarters economic Park within the third phase of China shoe capital, so as to facilitate the enterprises in the park to obtain local materials, and use the modern logistics function to “connect” the production factors in the industrial park, Enhance the advantages and image of the whole China Shoes 1ndustrial Park

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