Wenzhou private enterprise shoemaking network spreads globally

Pengsheng 1ndustrial Park, the shoes capital of Central Asia, invested and built by five Wenzhou private enterprises in syrhe Prefecture, Uzbekistan, has completed the first phase of 20000 square meters of factory building. As the first industrial park established by Chinese enterprises in Uzbekistan, Pengsheng 1ndustrial Park plans to open in July this year

relying on the characteristic advantages of Wenzhou’s shoe-making industry, Wenzhou’s shoe-making base has been built overseas. Wenzhou’s private enterprises have invested abroad on a large scale, and a worldwide network of Wenzhou’s private enterprises is forming

for example, the shoe capital of Central Asia focuses on the R & D and production of finished shoes, aiming at the emerging markets in Central Asia. After the whole project is put into operation in 2012, the park will have an annual production capacity of 4 million pairs of shoes. 1n addition, in the African continent, Wenzhou Hasan Shoes Co., Ltd. has invested 500 million yuan to build an African shoes capital covering 400 mu in Lagos Leki Free Trade Zone, Nigeria. After the park is completed in three to five years, it is estimated that the daily production of shoes will be nearly 200000 pairs, which will become the largest shoe-making base in Africa. The Ussuriysk economic and trade cooperation zone in Russia, led by many enterprises such as Kangnai Group, has attracted 18 Chinese enterprises, 12 of which are private enterprises in Wenzhou, mainly shoe enterprises< Recently, 82 supermarket groups from 42 cities in 18 provinces across the country started a two-day group buying trip in Wenzhou with the sincerity of "no entry fee, no payment in arrears and no return" some supermarket groups in Wenzhou this time ranked among the top 500 in China, including 9 listed groups. Their subordinate sales terminals have stable passenger flow and mature management, which meet the software and hardware requirements of Wenzhou enterprises for stores and outlets enterprises in Wenzhou gained 48 million yuan of on-site purchase orders and 186 million yuan of intention orders at OEM (OEM) and inventory ordering meetings of shoes and clothing, and reached an annual supply agreement with a value of 1.27 billion yuan and an intention order with a value of 2 billion yuan at the docking meeting of agricultural supermarkets. More than 30 brands such as Aokang, Kangnai, Senma and red dragonfly have reached an agreement with Dena commerce to join the strategic alliance of Wenzhou minggou (Wenzhou mingpin shopping center). Subsequently, Dana business signed an agreement with Shandong jiajiayue group and Wuhan Zhongbai group on Wenzhou minggou entering the group’s shopping mall

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