Wenzhou private enterprises vie for “standard dance steps”

the reporter learned from Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of quality supervision on September 7 that Wenzhou Kangnai, Aokang, red dragonfly, Tama and Augustus recently participated in the drafting and formulation of six standards in 1SO / tc216 technical standards for shoes, including antibacterial, sole bending and limit of harmful substances. This is the first time that Chinese shoe enterprises have participated in the formulation of international standards

with the development of Wenzhou manufacturing industry, many Wenzhou enterprises are no longer a follower of technical standards, but actively participate in the formulation and revision of various standards at home and abroad. At present, the standard adoption rate of Enterprises above Designated Size in the city is as high as 85.1%, which is higher than the average level of the whole province

from local standards to industry standards, from national standards to international standards, Wenzhou enterprises gradually have more say in technical standards by transforming innovative technologies into standards, thus improving the overall level of “made in Wenzhou” and achieving good economic benefits

in addition to the above five shoe enterprises, the reporter learned that Wenzhou Zhengtai Group, Dahu lighter and other manufacturing enterprises have successively participated in the formulation and revision of more than 30 international standards. 1n the past five years, relevant organizations in Wenzhou have presided over and participated in the formulation and revision of 357 national, industrial and local standards, of which 47 are the leading ones. 1n particular, last year, Wenzhou participated in the formulation and revision of 184 standards, exceeding the total of the previous four years

Wenzhou enterprises not only take the lead in the number of participating in standard formulation and revision, but also have a good reputation in quality. According to the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, Kangnai and Aokang enterprises in Wenzhou have won the “China standard innovation contribution award” and 28 provincial standard innovation enterprises in Wenzhou. 1n the pilot work of standardization good behavior enterprises in the city, there are 5 national 4A enterprises, 53 provincial 3A enterprises and 593 municipal 2A enterprises

in terms of encouraging and promoting enterprises to implement technical standards, the municipal government has always paid attention to guidance, and specially issued several opinions on Wenzhou’s strategy of implementing technical standards, which integrates the achievements of implementing technical standards into the “quality and brand” award. Due to the favorable environment, the secretaries of five national standardization technical organizations have successively settled in Wenzhou, including the leather shoes sub Technical Committee of the National Technical Committee for shoemaking standardization, the biological instruments sub Technical Committee of the National Technical Committee for teaching instrument standardization, the vertical die-cutting machine working group of the National Technical Committee for printing machinery standardization, the The professional working group of inspection methods for footwear products of National Technical Committee for standardization of inspection methods for key products under quality supervision, the working group of check valve and stop valve of National Technical Committee for standardization of valves, etc. 1n addition, the secretaries of the provincial valve Standardization Technical Committee and Zhejiang low voltage electrical equipment standardization technical committee also went to Wenzhou. The establishment of these professional standardization technical committees and the national standard formulation activities have greatly improved the awareness of enterprise standardization and provided technical support for independent innovation and sustainable development of the industry

at the same time, Wenzhou also promotes the quality of massive industries by implementing key standardization projects and alliance standards. The city has successively promoted the quality improvement of key standardization projects in auto parts (filters), valves, leather shoes, low-voltage electrical appliances (miniature circuit breakers), unpowered small amusement facilities, printing and packaging plastic bags and other industries. 24 alliance standards have been formulated and implemented in 10 industries, including the bundling machine of financial instruments, the filter of automobile and motorcycle parts, the miniature circuit breaker, leakage circuit breaker and protective switch of low-voltage electrical appliances, valves, shoes and rubber shoes. This year, Wenzhou has applied for four key industrial standardization projects, including environmental protection wires and cables, household electrical appliances, sunglasses and synthetic leather energy saving. Around Wenzhou’s leading industries and characteristic industries, it has successively compiled 30 industrial technical standard systems, including food, footwear, low-voltage electrical appliances and auto parts

Author: Xiao Xin, Hua Xia Jingying, Li Xiaoming

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