Wenzhou shoe enterprises actively expand overseas emerging markets

for Wenzhou shoes and clothing and other foreign trade enterprises, it is more and more important to open the foreign market. Kurasso 1sland, Lesotho, East Timor… A strange country appeared in the export list of Wenzhou Foreign Trade shoes and other enterprises for the first time. Under the slow recovery of European and American markets, trade barriers and other factors, Wenzhou Foreign Trade shoes enterprises increased the pace of expansion in ASEAN, Africa, South America, the Middle East and other emerging markets< According to the statistics of Wenzhou customs, from January to September this year, Wenzhou's exports to countries and regions outside Europe and North America totaled US $6.15 billion, up 30.79% year on year, accounting for 57.9% of the city's exports in the same period. For example, exports to Estonia, Uzbekistan, Ecuador and other countries have increased by more than 100%. At the same time, small countries such as Somalia, East Timor, and kurasso, which used to be the "blind spots" of exports, have also achieved a "zero breakthrough" this year< 1n 1992, Wenzhou's export market was limited to 49 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Western Europe and the United States. 1n 1998, foreign trade shoe enterprises and others sent shoes and other products to the Middle East, South America and Africa by participating in various trade fairs held at home and abroad, establishing trade groups, setting up trade windows abroad and other measures, and the number of export countries and regions increased to 121. Last year, our export market has covered 201 countries and regions all over the world in the new market, foreign trade enterprises first face the lack of information. Due to the ignorance of local tax system and consumption customs, it is easy to fall into the trade trap. Whether we can develop and produce marketable products according to local consumption habits is a challenge “we choose to cooperate with local overseas Chinese when we export to cold emerging countries.” Hu Zhongming said that due to the consumption habits, purchasing power and other factors, they need to spend a lot of energy on preliminary research, so they will choose to cooperate with strong Chinese trading companies, and it is more convenient to communicate in business from this year to October, the export orders of Tema shoes industry to South America reached 4 million US dollars. According to CA1 Linqiong, foreign trade manager, the South American market is exclusively represented by a trader from Panama, involving more than ten South American countries, including Honduras and Guatemala. Pu shoes are mainly exported” We have cooperated with traders for many years, and we are very confident about his strength. ” Cai Linqiong said Xiao Chen, a foreign trade personnel of a trading company in the city, told reporters about his skills in expanding the South American market. He said that Chile and other South American countries like durable goods very much. As long as they think the quality is good, they will not care too much about the price difference. At the same time, patience is very important, because South Americans are generally good at bargaining, and the negotiation process will be long and difficult in addition, Wenzhou’s overseas marketing outlets open up direct trade channels with international markets by setting up regional sales headquarters, exclusive stores or trade representative offices. 1n June this year, Wenzhou clothing trade representative office first chose 1taly’s MARKAY region as its site. At present, the United States, Turkey and other countries of clothing trade marketing points are also actively preparing, is expected to open three to five in the near future< People from Wenzhou customs suggest that when entering unfamiliar new countries, they should pay special attention to whether their products have a local market and the situation of competitors, accurately position their product advantages, find out the local differences of products, do a good job in market research in advance, and do not blindly follow up emerging markets

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